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Great Examples of Home Health Websites

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A collage of screen shots of various home health websites

Home health businesses empower individuals to manage their care and well-being in the comfort of their homes. Well-designed websites for these companies are built to support diverse audiences who have a variety of needs and pain points.

Internally, home health companies may employ a mix of deskless, remote, and corporate workforces who depend on the website in different ways. Externally, websites for home health organizations must provide useful information and features that support new or prospective customers, vendor partners, job applicants, and other public audiences.

Luckily, there are home health organizations out there with great websites that demonstrate best practices for web design. We identified the best home health websites that go beyond merely providing valuable information, offering examples of great user experience and web design in the home health industry.

The 9 Best Home Health Website Designs

These examples demonstrate innovative approaches to fostering a healthier and more informed community online. They excel in the digital healthcare landscape, from providing user-friendly interfaces to offering comprehensive resources.


Interim Healthcare
– Clean Design

Interim Healthcare’s website demonstrates impeccable design and a user-friendly interface. The site’s minimalist approach is a breath of fresh air in a digital landscape often cluttered with information. The homepage strikes a delicate balance, offering enough information without overwhelming visitors.
A screenshot of Interim’s website

The absence of unnecessary clutter combined with ample white space contributes to a sense of professionalism and trustworthiness. Clarity, simplicity, and user-centric design are prime examples of how a home health website can effectively communicate information while fostering a reassuring online experience for visitors.

One of the standout features of Interim Healthcare’s website is its judicious use of imagery and graphics. The carefully selected visuals are aesthetically pleasing and serve a functional purpose by conveying a sense of care and compassion.

offset images on interim healthcare’s website offer design relief and icons offer visual cuesThe high-quality images humanize the healthcare experience, making it more relatable for visitors seeking assistance.

The clear and concise icons are not merely decorative. They support on-page navigation, ensuring visitors find information quickly without unnecessary clicks or confusion.

Furthermore, information is logically structured and readily available for users seeking home health services.

CMS: Microsoft ASP.NET


– Great User Experience

AccentCare boasts intuitive navigation and a visually pleasing color palette. From the moment you land on the site, it’s evident that user experience is a top priority.
The website’s navigation is a standout feature, with four primary choices, three of which focus on targeted audiences:

  • Patients & Families
  • Health Care Professionals
  • Partnerships

The Location navigation item applies to all users.

The choice of website colors evokes a sense of calm and trust. Soft, muted tones create a comforting atmosphere, crucial in healthcare where visitors may seek support or guidance. AccentCare’s website design goes beyond aesthetics; it embodies a sense of empathy.

The combination of intuitive navigation and soothing colors creates an environment that aligns with the supportive nature of home health services. That culture of support goes beyond promoting the company’s services.

The website provides links to third-party service providers. AccentCare’s website becomes a resource and not just a sales platform. That approach creates a new level of trust and credibility for the company.

It’s not just about providing information; it’s about making the journey of seeking healthcare services as comforting and straightforward as possible.

CMS: Microsoft ASP.NET


Maxim Healthcare Services
– Brand Confidence

Maxim Healthcare Services has a playful website design that embodies a clean and fun aesthetic. The illustrated hero image features subtle movement of items in the background and blinking eyes. It is not overdone and does not distract from the words.
Maxim healthcare homepage with friendly animated image
Playful elements add a unique and inviting touch, steering clear of the clinical and sterile atmosphere often associated with healthcare websites. The balance between professionalism and a lively spirit is well-executed. The website’s judicious use of color is another standout feature.

The flat design helps focus attention on the headlines and labels. The red and blue color scheme creates a positive and uplifting online experience.

The website strikes a harmonious balance between professionalism and playfulness. Its clean look, fun design, and effective use of color make it a standout example of how a home health website can be visually appealing and highly functional.

CMS: WordPress


Right at Home
– A Singular Focus

Right at Home earns its accolades through a stellar user experience anchored by a remarkable “Find Services” tool that signals to visitors the company wants to help.
Right at home places search for services front and center on the home
This tool, prominently positioned on the hero section of desktop browsers and the first screen of mobile devices, serves as a gateway to streamlined care navigation.

Right at Home search tool offers friendly messaging and simple selection optionsIt’s a powerful tool that simplifies finding the right care signals to visitors the company wants to help.

It recognizes the user’s primary intent — finding care — and places it front and center, minimizing the steps required to access crucial information. This strategic placement enhances the overall user experience, ensuring visitors can swiftly and efficiently navigate Right at Home’s resources.

It respects the user’s time. If services are not offered, the user can move on.

Right at Home stands out for its commitment to user-friendly design, focusing on a seamless care-seeking process. The effective color, mainly using dark blues and greens, creates a feeling of trust. Orange accents draw the eye to on-page navigation icons.

CMS: SiteCore


– User Engagement

Amedisys covers all the bases to answer questions for their primary audience – individuals or their loved ones needing to arrange home health services.
homepage image on amedisys shows options to quickly engage the visitor

Users can immediately find a location where services are provided and then know what services are available with on-page images and headlines.

Further into the home page, Amedisys emphasizes the reasons to believe in the company with icons and bold label headlines that show its longevity in the industry and other statistics.

Another subtle feature can be found in the search box. On most websites, the search window is empty or features the word SEARCH. Instead, users will see sample search phrases to help prompt queries.
animated search bar offers suggested phrases to prompt visitors to amedisys website

The intuitive navigation on Amedisys’ website reflects a strategic approach to presenting services that acknowledges the diverse needs of visitors. This thoughtful organization enhances the user experience, making it easy for individuals to find the specific care solutions they require without unnecessary clicks or confusion.


Brightstar Care
– Website Accessibility

Brightstar Care shines with its outstanding feature – big text that’s easy to read and practical icon usage. This design choice enhances accessibility for all users and contributes to a clean and modern aesthetic. The simplicity of the user interface, with key services like In-home care, memory care, and assisted living prominently displayed on the home screen, reflects a user-centric approach.
Large type on the brightstar care website signals a commitment to accessibility

The website’s large, readable text is a nod to inclusivity, ensuring that information is easily digestible for diverse audiences. The strategic use of icons further streamlines the user experience, offering a visual cue that aids quick comprehension.

In addition to the standard Search field at the top of the page, the website takes a unique approach with an interactive component with prompts in a selector for different audiences.

The tool begins with the phrase “I am looking for…” The word “Care” is auto-populated since it is the most common need for visitors. Users can select an icon for other options: Medical Staffing, A Job, or National Business Partnership. Finally, users can enter the city and state or ZIP code. It’s a simple feature that simplifies the user journey.

The Brightstar Care website stands out for its user-focused design, clarity, and accessibility.

CMS: Kentico, WordPress


Family Tree Cares
– Storytelling and Messaging

Family Tree Cares distinguishes itself with visual storytelling, employing engaging videos and eye-catching images to convey its commitment to supporting the aging experience with home healthcare services. The website’s home page features a captivating video focusing on people and relationships rather than clinical services. The video images mirror the words “Transforming the Aging Experience: Experts in Helping Seniors Live Well at Home.”
video shows relationships between healthcare providers and patients
This emphasis on visual storytelling delivers what text-based communication often can’t convey. The visuals evoke empathy and understanding. Incorporating videos and striking images enhances the website’s aesthetic appeal and communicates the brand’s values and dedication to improving the lives of those in their care.

CMS: Elementor, WordPress


Help at Home
– Color Harmony

Help at Home excels in visual harmony, with its primary brand color supported by other bold colors throughout the website. This deliberate color scheme creates a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing experience, reinforcing the brand’s identity and values.
the help at home website illustrates effective use of color
The website’s design demonstrates the importance of strategically creating and placing visual elements to convey a brand’s message, make navigation intuitive, and create a distinct online identity.

The careful selection and coordination of colors on the Help at Home website contribute to a sense of unity and professionalism, making the brand more appealing and reflecting the organization’s commitment to excellence.

CMS: WordPress


Alliance Homecare
– Fulfilling the Brand Promise

Alliance Homecare stands out for its emphasis on branding and brand promise — “Caring for your family like they’re our own.” This commitment to a personal and nurturing approach is evident throughout the website. The use of this brand promise helps establish a connection with visitors.
the alliance homecare website emphasizes social proof to help establish trust
Visitors immediately see social proof to help establish credibility. The hero highlights credible news organizations where the company has been featured and stars representing their evaluations that link to testimonials. Finally, the hero image features prompts to watch a testimonial video.

Additionally, Alliance Homecare’s website presents detailed information without overwhelming the visitor, striking a careful balance between informative content and a clean, uncluttered layout. This approach showcases the organization’s knowledge and expertise in home healthcare, instilling confidence in the quality of care.

CMS: WordPress

High-Performance Websites Fuel Business Success

These home health websites reflect the care and dedication of the designers and developers, embodying the brand’s mission through intuitive design, captivating visuals, and a user-centric commitment. They go beyond functionality, becoming an outward expression of compassion and expertise, redefining the online healthcare experience with empathy at their core.

They redefine the online healthcare experience, seamlessly blending expertise with empathy.

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