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Rehab Without Walls
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Case Study: Rehab Without Walls

Healthcare Website Matches Client’s Mission: Better Results for the Journey into the Future

Rehab Without Walls, which offers medical services in various settings, needed a healthcare website that reached multiple audiences and supported the company’s mission to remove barriers and open access to groundbreaking health services.

Services Offered: Strategy, Web Design, Web Development, Technical Content Development, Organic and Technical SEO, Platform Integrations

Results Snapshot

  • Leads from patients and medical professionals increased
  • SEO delivered 35% higher page authority than major competitors
  • Increased brand awareness


Create a healthcare website that is compliant with web accessibility criteria and offers intuitive user pathways for multiple audience personas. Website content needed to emphasize the range and quality of services for patients, caregivers, caseworkers, and healthcare professionals while matching the parent brand. As a growing medical services company, the website also needed to showcase career opportunities.



Understand the Audience

Success hinged on strategic research helping us form a deep understanding of the wide-ranging needs and goals of the website’s diverse user personas.

Intuitive User Journeys

The site’s navigation and linking structure needed to guide various users to information and results they needed, which required detailed user stories to account for multiple user pathways.

Accessible for Everyone

Ease of use was paramount and especially important for users with neurological impairments. The website’s code and content needed to exceed the established criteria for digital accessibility.

Compelling Design

Appealing visuals and design elements were needed to support accessibility requirements, site navigation, and diverse media content while matching brand guidelines.

Engaging Content

As a healthcare services website, robust and precise medical information was needed, along with compelling storytelling.

Future-proof Development

Beyond ensuring patient security, this healthcare website needed custom development that supported technical SEO, accessibility, and integrations



The new Rehab Without Walls healthcare website offered all users a straightforward experience that guided them through their decision making, including support for secure healthcare and payment information.

UX Design

The site achieved superior accessibility by incorporating button targets with a high design aesthetic that ensured users with mobility impairments or reduced vision could easily navigate the site and make selections.

Dynamic Content

With services offered in multiple cities across the United States, the website offers various pathways for users to identify services and providers closest to their location, including location-based search results.

Third-Party Integrations

Our development team integrated third-party software solutions that helped users make payments quickly and helped job-seekers find and apply for career opportunities.

Content for Everyone

Our research for personas and user stories identified the need for a balanced mix of useful content and compelling storytelling to meet the needs of healthcare professionals, caseworkers, and family caregivers.


We applied extensive keyword research to support the website’s variety of page content, then combined it with robust technical SEO to elevate the brand in organic search results.

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