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Choosing the Right Approach

At DBS, we start by understanding your goals and your audience’s goals. With a clear picture of the digital strategy, we develop a unique interactive solution that supports the customer journey and delivers results.

Did You Know? Interactive and visual content is 40x more likely to be shared on social media.

Illustration depicting Decision Making

Decision Making

Decision Making

Customers using a comprehensive website or app will often struggle to choose from too many options–often referred to as the "paradox of choice." Interactive tools can instead help your site visitors choose products, models, and features based on what's important to them.

Illustration depicting Educate & Inform

Educate & Inform

Educate & Inform

In our digitally-connected world, we are bombarded with overwhelming amounts of information. The white noise often blocks out what's important. That’s where our interactive content shines, distilling complex data sets into experiences that are easy to navigate and understand.

Illustration depicting Accessible



Adding digital accessibility creates alternative pathways for your entire audience of website and app users–including those with disabilities or impairments–to engage with your brand, learn to trust your expertise, and find the content they need more efficiently.

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In the digital world, information has to be vibrant and engaging, not stale and boring. Our interactive and entertaining content helps you create and deliver a memorable brand experience that builds brand loyalty and differentiates you from the competition.

Opportunities for Interactive Content

An engaging digital experience can range from a robust search tool for your website to augmented reality or 360-degree video. Some of the possibilities include:

54% of B2B marketers believe producing engaging content is a major hurdle.

Examples of DBS interactive tools

  • Infographics, timelines, and maps
  • Polls, online surveys, and assessments
  • White Papers and E-books
  • Photo galleries
  • Calculators, selectors, configurators, and comparison tools
  • Games and puzzles
  • Immersive videos and augmented reality
  • Site search tools
  • Commenting, rating, and scoring features
  • Responsive databases and big data visualizations

Improve Marketing, Conversions, and Lead Generation

The customer journey is often long, and it involves numerous digital touchpoints. Interactive content can help sway your target audience with tools that support their decision making.

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Generate More Leads With Interactive Marketing

Connect with us to discuss the many ways our designers, developers, and strategists can strengthen your sales and business growth through interactive digital marketing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Interactive content is any type of content that encourages and requires users to engage, rather than passively consume information.
Polls, self-assessments, and knowledge tests support the early "Awareness" stage of the journey. In the "Evaluation" phase, buyers turn to benchmark tools and interactive white papers or e-books. Finally, in the critical "Decision" stage, ROI calculators, product selectors, galleries, or videos help customers with their final choices.

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