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Personalized Communication Improves Results

We apply the same strategic planning to intranet development that we do to public-facing websites and apps. We make it easy for you to target and tailor corporate communications, including personalized homepages, live chat support, secure messaging and alerts – all designed to deliver business results.

All the Features Your Network Needs

We include integrations and features that make your intranet more powerful and useful for your employees, franchisees, suppliers, corporate peers and partners.

  • Single Sign-On

  • Mobile Apps

  • Custom APIs

  • Database Integrations

  • and more…

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Designed for Usability that Supports Workflows

We interview your administrators to discover what they need from your intranet, then develop intuitive back-end interfaces that help them quickly and easily maintain access levels, user permissions, company data, and enterprise-level security for your intranet.

We talk to your front-end users to understand how an intranet can help make them more productive and efficient. Those insights allow us to design your platform and consolidate your company resources in a thoughtful way.

Illustration depicting Accessible From Any Connected Device

Accessible From Any Connected Device

Accessible From Any Connected Device

We develop intranets using web-based technologies, so any device with a web browser is 100% ready to go. No special retooling is necessary.

Illustration depicting Serving Multiple Locations and Audiences

Serving Multiple Locations and Audiences

Serving Multiple Locations and Audiences

Most of today’s apps combine browser-based applications and native mobile apps, helping businesses offer more features and versatility than just native or web-based apps.

Our Corporate Intranet Experience

At DBS, we’ve spent 20 years developing high-performance, enterprise-level intranets for a variety of corporate environments. Our intranets can scale horizontally and vertically to meet your most demanding requirements.

Papa Johns Slice Intranet


Papa John’s

We partnered with the communications team at Papa John’s to strategize and design a true enterprise-grade intranet for two core groups: Corporate Members and Franchisees.

Reach intranet


BrightSpring Health

BrightSpring’s workforce was scattered across the country in different time zones, making effective communication difficult. So we collaborated with them to build a robust intranet that met their communication and team-building needs.

U of L Physicians Intranet


UofL Physicians

A large regional healthcare group, UofL Physicians has many locations, doctors, and employees, all with a diverse set of needs. So we developed an intranet for them with a full set of HR content and forms, along with calendar and blog functionality.

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