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Springstone - Mental Health Assessment App

Cell phone showing login page for the Springstone mental health assessment application

Springstone, a leading mental healthcare provider, came to DBS with a powerful question:

How can digital tools help detect and treat hidden threats to our mental health?

Our answer: A private web and mobile application for assessing mental health, designed to improve the mental health screening and referral process for employers, their employees, and primary care physicians.

User Experience Takes Center Stage

Frictionless UX is critical to achieving the client’s goals for this application, since the results and accuracy of the assessment can be skewed if the app itself causes users to feel mental stress.

user flow maps for the Springstone mental health assessment app user personas

An example of user flows developed for the Springstone app

That’s why we mapped out each screen and feature of the app from end-to-end based on to the differing needs, behaviors, and expectations of distinct user persona profiles. That audience included:


The app’s biggest pool of users comprises two groups: Springstone’s patients, and employees of companies that work or partner with Springstone.

Group Owners

An equally important set of important users includes employers working with Springstone and practitioners receiving patient referrals through the app.

Care Coordinators

Within Springstone, administrators managing the app’s assessment data and referrals submitted through the app represent the third cohort.

Screening Assessment Details in the Springstone mental health assessment app

A look at how assessment details are presented in the desktop app

Delivering Results “Under the Hood”

While design was a front-end priority, the app’s storage and handling of data was equally important to the success of the project.

  • HIPAA Compliance
    Since the app would be collecting personal health information, it needed to comply with strict regulatory requirements for data privacy–which added complexity to the project when considering the app’s ability to function on both mobile and desktop devices.
  • Data Management
    For privacy, the app would need to store data locally on the device until users granted permissions that would allow the sending of personal screening information to Springstone’s database–all without losing speed or performance.
  • Role-based Permissions
    The app would need to ensure permission protocols were in place that limited the visibility of user information based on the data that each role in the organization is legally permitted to access.
Cell phone showing questionnaire for the Springstone mental health mobile app

How Springstone’s assessment looks on a mobile device

A Device Agnostic App

We are long past the point of mobile usage overtaking desktop–however, this app’s user base would include many roles still working primarily on desktop devices. So we optimized the app’s responsive designs and user flows for any screen size, whether mobile or desktop.

The Beautiful & Branded Aesthetic

Part of making software users (and our clients) happier comes down to getting the “look and feel” right. Springstone had established itself in the healthcare space, so as a digital extension of the brand, the app needed to hit the right visual notes with all their audiences.


Digital Styles

By laying the groundwork for each visual component of the client’s digital brand, we set expectations and formed a unified design structure from which all of the app’s design elements could evolve.

Chart of Digital Styles typefaces text and colors for the Springstone app

Digital styles and branding developed for the Springstone app

Image of Springstone Dashboard

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