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Email Marketing

Our email campaigns support integrated B2B marketing strategies and drive lead generation, with significantly higher open rates and click-through rates than industry averages.

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Benefits of an Email Strategy

For B2B companies, email delivers value by establishing and nurturing a strong personal relationship with subscribers. When combined with other integrated marketing strategy. tactics such as public relations, social media, and interactive content, email becomes a critical pillar for driving revenue through new business and repeat customers.

Email campaigns produce an ROI of nearly $40 for every dollar spent, yet over half of B2B companies don’t include it in their marketing strategy.

Why Email Matters

  • It’s cost-effective in comparison to other marketing channels
  • Your audience is primed for your unique messages
  • List segmentation enables your campaigns to target specific groups
  • Email platforms offer metrics and analytics for fine-tuning
  • Build trust and brand awareness with subscribers
  • It’s convenient
  • Increases traffic to your website

Our Email Strategies and Services

Our integrated marketing includes email because it works. Email subscribers are better informed and prepared to buy. That’s why we partner with you to understand your personas and goals using data and qualitative insights of your audiences, then develop email campaigns with messaging that matches your brand’s voice and tone.

List Building & Segmentation

We develop and implement methods for growing a high-value email subscriber list with automated list segmentation that supports targeting the right buyers with the right emails.

CRM Integration

Our development team can integrate any customer relationship management (CRM) platform into your website, creating seamless compatibility with your email marketing tools and campaigns.

Content Development & Design

Every word, link, and image in your email matters. We compel your time-crunched audience with impactful writing and thoughtful, mobile-optimized design that leads them to take the next step.

Landing Page Development

Landing pages are critical to the success of email marketing campaigns. By creating landing pages that match and amplify your email’s messaging, our development team ensures that your readers can easily click through and become new leads.

Contact Us to Develop an Email Strategy

Our B2B email marketing campaigns connect directly with your potential buyers to deliver helpful and insightful content and product information. With fewer opportunities for in-person connections with customers, email is the go-to platform for building relationships. Contact us to develop an email strategy that grows your business.

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