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Our App Design Principles

Apps should be human-centric, focusing on providing the best possible User Experience (UX). To accomplish this, we follow established best practices designed to produce results.

Every pixel has a place and a purpose

Each element used to design our applications is intentional. Using design thinking, we ensure every decision focuses on helping your user and the app work together to achieve common goals.

Strive for simplicity

Simplicity in app design isn’t just about using minimal colors or whitespace. It’s about going deep into the user’s mind, then using that understanding to rid designs of inconsequential elements, closing the gap between the user’s goals and the means to achieve those goals.

Design for every user

Industry wisdom is that an adequate sample size of app users from each brand persona is needed to account for variations in how they perceive and interact with digital designs. Personas might be differentiated by their particular roles, how frequently they interact with the system (e.g. once a week versus once a month), or their familiarity with the brand.

Consistent UX on every device

As more devices and platforms are connected to the web, offering a consistently satisfying experience on every device is imperative. The ever-increasing variety of screen sizes, the rising popularity of voice UIs, and other innovations are constantly evolving the design rulebook—and as a result, your users’ expectations are elevating as well.

Stay true to the brand

App designs create space for your brand to prove its authenticity and convey its essence to users. Our designers collaborate with you to outline your values and identify your audience so that your app supports brand unification and consistency, giving your customers and users more confidence and trust in the brand promise.

Follow industry guidelines and best practices

Our app developers have experience designing apps to conform with legal requirements and strict regulations, including mobile accessibility. No matter your industry, our apps achieve compliance and meet app store guidelines to ensure timely approval and launch.

Start with Strategy

Our comprehensive planning ensures a successful app design process. The first priority is identifying your distinct goals and audiences.

Armed with a thorough understanding of your customers, your market, and your brand, we can ensure your app designs consistently resonate with them.

An empathy map

An example of an application interface

Intuitive Navigation & UI

Through familiar and consistent structures and patterns, our application designs help your app users quickly find the information and content they want.

Our focused and intentional interfaces make your app more usable by helping your audience efficiently navigate the app and fulfill their goals.

Immersive User Experience

With the unique capabilities of mobiles and connected devices, we create immersive experiences through a more engaging and satisfying user experience.

Form and function meet advanced development and programming expertise to captivate your audience with interactive and responsive designs.

User Experience Design graphic

Application design workflow icon

Designed for Any Connected Device

The world of connected devices is more than laptops, tablets and smartphones. Smart watches, smart TVs, wearables, smart appliances, and many more devices have created the Internet of Things (IoT).

No matter which device, we design your app to leverage unique features and capabilities of any operating system, while also preserving brand consistency across multiple platforms.

How We Design Applications

Illustration depicting User Flows & Wireframes

User Flows & Wireframes

User Flows & Wireframes

Strategists visualize your app’s user journey and content architecture.

Illustration depicting Prototypes & Visual Concepts

Prototypes & Visual Concepts

Prototypes & Visual Concepts

Designers create the foundation of your new design strategy.

Illustration depicting Collaborative Development

Collaborative Development

Collaborative Development

Developers work closely with designers to bring your app’s user experience to life.

Illustration depicting MVP & Pre-Launch

MVP & Pre-Launch

MVP & Pre-Launch

Our QA team tests and tests again, then tests some more to make absolutely sure your app is launch ready.

Start Designing Your Best App

Interested in designing an app for mobile or web that delights your audience and drives growth for your organization? Connect with our designers to see how we can help.

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