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Great B2B Distributor and E-commerce Website Examples

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examples of b2b distributor ecommerce websites

Manufacturers streamline sales and support for their distributors with secure website portals and dashboards for making purchases, tracking orders, viewing pricing information, and more. These portals, often featuring non-public-facing e-commerce, are essential tools for streamlining the purchasing process and managing transactions efficiently. However, not all manufacturer-supplier portals are created equal.

A good portal should prioritize user-friendly navigation, providing easy access to product catalogs, order tracking features, and pricing details.

On their public-facing websites, the companies in this article have demonstrated a keen sense of user-centric design, messaging, use of search tools, a carefully planned journey, and other UX best practices.

Numerous B2B companies excel in these UX/UI principles. This article discusses 12 of these websites.

The Best B2B Distributor and E-commerce Websites


Faire – Easy to Use Filters and Clean Navigation

Faire, a wholesale company, caters to various industries, including home decor, food and drink, jewelry, and pet supplies.

faire website homepage with distributor ecommerce portalThe website offers easy-to-use filters and clean navigation, organizing products under specific categories. This categorization system lets retailers quickly locate the items they need without searching through unnecessary pages.

The website also has a clutter-free navigation that enhances usability. Retailers can find what they need without distractions. The intuitive search options simplify the user experience with filters such as brand promotions, Lead Time, Shelf Life, and Location for refining criteria tailored to preferences and requirements.


Curbell Plastics – Innovative Organization

Curbell Plastics stands out with a website that balances being a little crowded and exceptionally well-organized. The homepage is neatly categorized into sections such as MATERIALS, SERVICES & CAPABILITIES, RESOURCE LIBRARY, and DISCOVER CURBELL

curbell website homepage with distributor ecommerce portalWith this segmentation, visitors quickly navigate to their area of interest without feeling overwhelmed by clutter. Additionally, the presence of a search bar simplifies navigation and enables users to locate specific information or products swiftly.

Curbell Plastics adds an engaging touch to its website with animation. The front page features a plastic animation that occurs periodically. Unlike websites inundated with excessive animations, Curbell Plastics exercises restraint. These animations serve as eye-catching enhancements rather than distractions.


Blackhawk – Utilitarian Design and Efficiency

This website focuses on practicality over aesthetics. It features clean layouts, intuitive navigation, and easy-to-access information.

blackhawk website homepage with distributor ecommerce portalThe website excels in product categorization. From the moment users land on the homepage, they’re greeted with a comprehensive display of products, eliminating the need for extensive browsing. This strategic layout ensures visitors can quickly locate items without navigating multiple pages, saving time for users.


HD Supply – Navigation and Calls to Action

The HD Supply website comes with decent navigation. With intuitive product categorization, visitors can quickly locate the items they need. The website has a QUICK ORDER tab conspicuously displayed on the home screen. The option allows retailers to make purchases without unnecessary steps.

DBS-20240213-Article-hd-supply-b2b-distributor-ecommerce-wesbite-PXRetailers can conveniently save lists for future orders. The search tab offers quick access to specific products. Through on-site search, users can easily enter keywords and locate desired products within seconds. The home screen’s cart tab provides a convenient way for users to review and manage their selected items before checkout.

Smartly, the company incentivizes users to create an account, a strategic step to begin a relationship. The site features a strip that presents the benefits of signing up just below the hero section.


Grainger – Good Library of Information

Grainger’s website exemplifies a commitment to providing valuable information. With a “Bottom Line Up Front” approach, users are greeted with essential resources and insights when landing on the homepage.

grainger website homepage with distributor ecommerce portalThe “KnowHow®” section offers a wealth of information, including news, inspiration, and resources to aid in completing tasks efficiently. Additionally, the Product Collections page focuses on products organized on unique topics, including emergency solutions, industry-specific products, and safety and health precautions. By prioritizing and organizing information, Grainger guarantees that customers have access to the resources they need to make informed decisions and enhance their operations. Grainger is a perfect example of a B2B wholesaler website that prioritizes valuable information to users.


Webstaurantstore – Product Categories and Subcategories

Webstaurantstore sets the gold standard for product categorization. No wholesaler does it better. The homepage showcases an array of categories and featured items. They make it easy to buy that item without browsing through other pages.

webstaurantstore website homepage with distributor ecommerce portalThe mastery extends to subcategorization. Take the example of the ‘Restaurant Equipment’ category, which drills down into subcategories like Cooking Equipment, Refrigeration Equipment, and Commercial Work Tables. Each subcategory branches into specialized sections. For instance, the Cooking Equipment section unfolds into 22 distinct categories, covering everything from ovens to fryers. This meticulous categorization streamlines the shopping experience and showcases Webstaurantstore’s dedication to offering an expansive and easily accessible collection of products.


Order Desk – Appealing Landing Page Design and An Intuitive Navigation

Order Desk prioritizes an appealing landing page design and intuitive navigation. The website’s compelling visuals, such as a vibrant building background, are complemented by a clear and concise menu. This menu captures attention and maintains a logical information hierarchy.

order desk website homepage with distributor ecommerce portalThe navigation menu is placed conspicuously on the home screen, prioritizing user needs with links from left to right, beginning with Shop Building Materials, then Explore, Weekly Deals, About Us, and Learn. Order Desk is a good example of a B2B website fusing good looks and practicality.


Supply Hog – Strategic Domain Name and Minimalist Design

That name – Supply Hog. It succinctly conveys a brand message that evokes the expectation of a robust and comprehensive source or products.

supply hog website homepage with distributor ecommerce portalPerhaps it’s a wake-up call for B2B manufacturers and suppliers to name their businesses using words that evoke a sense of purpose.

The website lives up to its name with extensive product selections displayed in a clean and uncluttered design. It features minimal imagery and concise messaging. A prominently placed search bar facilitates user exploration by allowing quick access to desired products or information. Supply Hog’s minimalistic approach reflects its commitment to efficiency, making it a go-to destination for retailers seeking a straightforward, hassle-free buying experience.


Roof Hub – Integration of Third-party Technologies

Roof Hub’s website exemplifies excellence in web design. They incorporate minimalist aesthetics, clear calls to action, and striking color combinations.

Roof hub website homepage with distributor ecommerce portalOne of its standout features lies in its integration of tools and apps. A prime example is the GO GREEN campaign, which advocates for paperless invoices through seamless integration with the BillTrust system.

By leveraging technology to streamline processes and support eco-friendly practices, Roof Hub sets a commendable standard for innovation and user-centricity in the roofing industry.


Valin – Mobile Compatibility

Valin prioritizes mobile readability. The website boasts a superior user experience on smartphones and tablets compared to desktops. All of its website elements are optimized for smaller screens.

Valin website homepage with distributor ecommerce portalWhether accessing product listings, browsing resources, or making purchases, users enjoy enhanced functionality and visual appeal on mobile devices.

The Valin website is a good example of a website that recognizes the need to meet the changing needs of users in an increasingly mobile-centric world.


IBT Industrial Solutions – Effective Use of Images

IBT Industrial Solutions distinguishes itself with a strong emphasis on visual content. They integrate images prominently throughout the website. Almost every item is accompanied by an image, providing users with clear and engaging visuals of products and services.

IBT Industrial Solutions website homepage with distributor ecommerce portalThis strategic use of imagery enhances the browsing experience and helps retailers with product comprehension and decision-making.

By prioritizing visual content, IBT Industrial Solutions ensures that users can easily visualize products, understand their features, and make informed choices. This commitment to rich visual storytelling sets IBT Industrial Solutions apart and elevates its website as a visually immersive platform that captivates and informs users effectively.


McKesson – Medical supplier with excellent UI/UX features

McKesson is a good example of a pharmaceutical supply company that excels in almost every aspect of UX/UI. It has an intuitive navigation that allows users to easily find products, services, and resources with minimal effort.
mckesson website homepage with distributor ecommerce portalThe website’s clear information architecture organizes content logically and ensures seamless navigation and efficient access to information. McKesson’s responsive design also provides a consistent and user-friendly experience across different devices.


Get the Best Web Design for B2B Ecommerce

Online success requires comprehensive expertise and strategic execution. B2B websites with eCommerce that serve distributors have unique challenges. Often, these companies have complex products where customization is needed. Also, distributor partners may have internal systems that offer opportunities for integration with the portal. Companies with a distributor network must also contend with scalability and website performance.

A digital agency like DBS Interactive, focusing on B2B sectors, is positioned to design and develop a business website with a portal and e-commerce.

Navigating the challenges of meeting distributor needs through our website requires careful consideration and expertise.

Contact us today to learn how we can help streamline your B2B operations.