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Why perform a digital audit?

Most companies don’t have a baseline for their digital performance. Digital audits reveal where your business might be wasting valuable resources.

Graphic about benefits of a digital audit, represented by laptop and smartphone surrounded by icons for goals, benchmarks, and removing bias

  • Remove Bias from Your Self-Evaluation
    An objective third party is ideally positioned to deliver an honest and thorough assessment of your current digital performance.
  • Measure Against Industry Benchmarks
    Your competitors are using digital to win. How well does your digital strategy position your business to compete?
  • Set Realistic, Data-Driven Goals
    Our audit reports include comprehensive research and data that help you set realistic expectations and attainable goals.

Our Proven Digital Audits Process

Our approach to conducting digital audits is backed by a 20-year history of creating digital experiences for B2B companies and executing digital strategies that bring in new customers, increase leads, and elevate brands.

Phase 1

Quantitative Analysis

A holistic look at your digital strategy through the lens of metrics will evaluate how well each component is working to achieve your goals.

Phase 2

Qualitative Analysis

A critical look at your digital landscape will compare your efforts and results against industry best practices.

Phase 3

Website Crawl

Evaluating how search engines crawl your site’s content will uncover critical issues, including broken links, duplicate content, missing metadata, and poor performance.

Phase 4

Competitive Analysis

Comparing your external digital efforts to those of identified competitors will help you identify areas that might be competitive advantages for you in the future.

Phase 5

Channel Breakdown

Breaking down your digital marketing efforts by channel produces a useful, big-picture view that offers more perspective on your entire digital strategy.

Phase 6

Prioritized Recommendations

Recommended next steps will help you build on the positive elements of your digital portfolio, as well as improve what isn’t serving your business well enough.

Phase 7

Long-term Strategy

A real framework for using digital to grow your business moving forward, including ideas that go beyond channels and tactics, will help you plan for the future.

Phase 8

Multichannel Tactics

Specific tactical recommendations, including messaging, software, targeting, and strategic focus, will help you optimize performance for all digital marketing channels.

Phase 9

Two-year Timeline

Recommendations on when you should make investments (for example, a website redesign or a product campaign) in different areas of your digital marketing mix.

Phase 10

KPIs to Watch

Key performance indicators—and realistic target goals for them—will vary from business to business, but should always help you monitor and measure ongoing digital success.

Phase 11


Through interviews and analysis, we report on your internal processes that affect digital marketing, including recommendations for improving these processes.

Phase 12


Digital accessibility compliance is mandated by governments throughout the world, so we evaluate how your site or app meets requirements for the countries where your business operates.

Phase 13

Internal Use

For companies who want recommendations for how employees and internal staff use digital, we give feedback on intranets, communication tools, and team-oriented software.

Final Phase

The Digital Audit Report

We synthesize the knowledge and insights gained from your digital audit into a comprehensive report that walks you through the outcomes, supplementing our findings with objective data and metrics, as well as expert analysis that helps to grow and solidify your understanding of your current digital performance and the roadmap to future success.

Get Started with a Free Audit Consultation

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