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Adopting Agile in Your Daily Life

DBS Interactive

Last week, we discussed how businesses outside the field of software development have been readily adopting the agile process as a new way to approach product management.

From a niche trend to prominent organizations like Amazon and Electronic Arts adopting the method, agile has swept the globe and revolutionized standard operating practices across countless trades.

In a fascinating turn of events, the benefits of using iterative processes and continuous improvement as guiding practices have proved universal and unbound by any ties to the business world. Beyond the impressive array of companies and industries implementing the technique, agile has found its way into the day-to-day lives of individuals around the world.  

Utilized in a variety of creative outlets, the features that made the method so endearing to major corporations have proven valuable to people attempting to improve their daily schedules in truly unforeseen ways.

Here are some of the ways you can incorporate agile into your personal life starting today:

Don’t hesitate

Set goals, and then dive right in.  Don’t be afraid if you don’t have all the answers because uncertainty encourages creativity. Your improvised solutions might surprise you.

Be adaptable

Continuous self-reflection is paramount. The iterations – or sprints, cause you to constantly learn and adapt to maximize your daily efforts. What are the major barriers that are preventing you from accomplishing your goals?

Plan ahead

Commit time for planning ahead. Even a few minutes can make a world of difference in reaching your goals.

Make goals manageable

Divide larger goals into smaller, short-term goals. If you break your goals down into short-term pieces and fit them within timely planning sessions (sprints), you become better prepared to attain a sense of progress and accomplishment.

Make tasks detailed

Focus is key. Pinpoint a specific task and block out time to address it. By blocking out specific times in the day to work on tasks, completing segments of a plan becomes habit and your goals are consistently being met.

Ensure iterations are consistent

Schedule your work in short, exact iterations. One full week is a perfect length of time. 

Hold standup meetings

Standup meetings have become fairly popular in agile-friendly business environments, and they are now transitioning to the home. Consider starting (or ending) the day with a short meeting with your kids. Did they complete their homework? What are their plans for the day? Opening the day with even a few minutes of planning can pay dividends whether you’re running a business or running a family.

In addition to utilizing the tips we have given you, there are lots of apps (we love Things!) that can aid productivity.

Adopting agile does come with a learning curve. Of course, that’s part of the process and should be expected.  Striving towards your goals before all the answers are known may foster new ideas, approaches, and allow your creativity to flourish.  Adaptability builds character and can be achieved through the all-important self-reflection periods mandated by the agile process. 

In what ways, have you incorporated agile into your daily life?