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The Best Apps for Your Business

We take the time upfront to learn about your business and explore your unique needs before we recommend which type of software applications are best-suited to achieving your specific business goals.

Why Choose Web Apps?

  • You want your app to run on a specific platform, such as iOS.
  • You need exceptional speed, stability, and high-performance.
  • Your app needs to access native device functions or features (camera, GPS, etc.)
  • You want your app to be downloadable within app stores.

Why Choose Native Apps?

  • You have a short timeline to develop and deploy your app to users.
  • You want your app to be device-agnostic.
  • You want the app to take up minimal space on devices.
  • You want content within the app to be indexed and viewable in search engines.

Hybrid apps icon

Why Choose Hybrid Apps?

  • You want to reach the largest number of people and devices, yet still want the app to “feel” native to users.
  • You want your app to be downloadable within app stores.
  • You want a consistent user experience across all platforms and devices.

App Solutions for Any Device

Partner with us to develop a custom app that leverages the full capabilities of mobile smartphones, tablets, desktops, laptops, and any other device connected to the web.

Native app icons

Mobile App Development

Need an app for Apple, Google, Microsoft, or other platforms? We develop native mobile apps that include the features and capabilities you need for smartphones or tablets.

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Browser-Based Web Apps

We develop web apps that can be accessible from mobile or desktop browsers, allowing your users to achieve goals on any device with web browsing capabilities.

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Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Progressive Apps are web apps that look and feel like traditional websites for users, yet PWAs provide better search performance and user experience thanks to unique capabilities–such as being accessible for offline browsing, even without an internet connection.

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Hybrid Applications

Most of today’s apps combine browser-based applications and native mobile apps to form hybrid app solutions that help businesses offer more features and versatility than just native or web-based apps.

Meet Industry Requirements

Whether it’s HIPAA for healthcare, ADA compliance for accessibility, or any other regulations that govern technology in your industry, we make sure your app meets compliance standards.

Our App Development Process

We provide end-to-end app development, from early ideation and strategy
to internal deployment or approval and release in Apple and Google app stores.

Phase 1

App UI & UX Design

We perform comprehensive research, gain valuable insights, and design frictionless app experiences that help your users accomplish the right goals.

More About Our UI/UX Design

Phase 2

App Development

We design and develop applications for any device, along with the features, functionality, and integrations your business needs.

  • Browser-based apps
  • Mobile apps
  • Progressive apps
  • Native and Hybrid
  • Apple Mac OS & iOS
  • Google & Android OS
  • Windows

Phase 3

QA & Testing

Our development experts exhaustively test every application we build to identify and remove bugs, ensuring a smooth release to app stores or internal deployment to your users.

Phase 4

Product & Marketing Strategy

Our team of digital marketing strategists can help build awareness for your new app, helping you increase downloads, speed up user adoption, and drive engagement.

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Our Experience Developing Apps

We have developed high-performance, enterprise-level applications for a variety of corporate environments. Our apps can scale horizontally and vertically to meet your most demanding business and industry requirements.

Smartphone, tablet, and desktop with the service bank PWA on screen



ServiceBank needed a digital environment for communities to organize, coordinate, and track/record hours associated with community service and volunteer events.

PWA on a smartphone and laptop computer



The mental health community needed a resource that centralized and integrated a suite of mental health services for patients, making it easier for multiple parties to connect and provide personalized support that is crucial to successful treatment.

two tablets with PWA loaded on screen



The Eminence School District needed to combine a database, web portal, and an app for teachers to capture evidence of students demonstrating competency in their curriculum, which students submitted via the app as photos and audio or video recordings.

ABM app loaded on smarphones



American Beverage Marketers needed a mobile solution that would allow bartenders. restaurant owners and distributors to have easy access to creative drink recipes, while also providing targeted attention to their current and new cocktail mixer products.

Let’s Create Your App

With 20 years of digital experience and success, we are the perfect agency partner to help your business execute a digital audit the right way. Contact us today for a free audit consultation.

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