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Web Accessibility

Accessible Websites Rank Higher in Search

At DBS, we optimize every website we build with accessibility. Why? Because doing so maintains compliance while also improving organic search performance. Search engines like Google reward accessible websites by ranking them higher in search results. Our SEO experts can get you there.

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SEO Checklist for Accessibility

Here are a few examples of accessibility best practices that optimize your site for SEO:

  • Do all images contain proper alt text that describes the image in full detail?
  • Does the alt text describing images match your organization’s SEO keyword strategy?
  • Are there too many keywords stuffed into alt text for your images?
  • Does your alt text identify any destination or URL linked to the image?

Web Accessibility Services

Illustration depicting Compliance Audits

Compliance Audits

Compliance Audits

DBS audits include quantitative analysis, combined with a qualitative review, to determine your compliance with digital accessibility regulations.

Illustration depicting Remediation



Once any accessibility issues with your web or app content have been identified, our experts can guide your team through the necessary fixes.

Illustration depicting Strategy



We partner with clients to formulate strategies that align your digital accessibility compliance goals with your organization’s business goals.

Accessibility & SEO FAQs

Making your website more accessible to users with disabilities can improve SEO for each page, boosting its ranking on various search engines thanks to newly placed elements in your code that give Google and other site crawlers more context.
The short answer is yes. For example, while Google closely guards the algorithms its search engine uses to determine positioning on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), they have explicitly admitted that digital accessibility affects these algorithms, because site crawlers favor accessible sites. Additionally, technical SEO experts have observed, tested, and learned how to leverage accessibility tactics so that they resonate more with these algorithms, effectively helping those websites become more prominent and earning them more traffic.

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Why Partner With DBS?

  • We’re accessibility experts with 20 years of experience.
  • We’re disability-owned. Accessibility is at our core.
  • We use testers with physical and cognitive disabilities to evaluate our work.
  • Our extensive manual audits work in conjunction with automated tools. Nothing gets missed.
  • Our Development and Technical SEO experts will boost your traditional and voice search performance.

Want to improve your website SEO through compliance with Digital Accessibility standards?

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