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Web Accessibility

ADA Compliance

Being digitally accessible means your websites, applications, and other digital platforms are fully accessible to everyone, including users with disabilities. It’s our specialty, and it’s how we keep your digital properties compliant with legal obligations under disability laws.

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Our Web Accessibility Services

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DBS audits include quantitative analysis, combined with a qualitative review, to determine your compliance with digital accessibility regulations.

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Once any accessibility issues with your web or app content have been identified, our experts can guide your team through the necessary fixes.

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We partner with clients to identify strategies that align your digital accessibility compliance goals with your organization’s business goals.

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ADA Compliance Checklist

  • How easily can you read content and access functionality within your website or app using a screen reader?
  • How easily can you read content and access functionality within your website or app using a screen reader?
  • Have you remediated all compliance issues identified in your digital accessibility audit?
  • Have you hired users with disabilities to test your websites or mobile applications?

Web Accessibility Best Practices

Social Media Accessibility

Best practices for making your social media marketing more accessible to users with disabilities or impairments.

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Email Marketing Accessibility

Best practices for making your email campaigns more accessible to users with disabilities or impairments.

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Accessibility in Europe

Recently passed legislation is changing web accessibility requirements for European countries. Here’s what you should know.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, but automated tools don’t reveal the whole accessibility picture. Put simply, you’ll still be at risk. At DBS, our experts favor manual audits that work in conjunction with automated tools. Nothing gets missed.
A digital accessibility audit is the most thorough method for determining whether your website or application is compliant. Luckily for you, DBS Interactive offers digital accessibility audits that identify compliance issues, as well as remediation services to fix them. Request a quote for these services and we’ll get back to you ASAP.
When we’re done remediating, absolutely. It will be faster because we’ll make it perform as a Progressive Web App (PWA), which is a new Google ranking criteria. We’ll also add Technical SEO, including Rich Snippets and Voice to Text enhancements, that will help you rank higher in search.
Your newly accessible website will reach and engage a mostly untapped audience of users within the disability community who comprise nearly 20% of the U.S. population and represent nearly $7 trillion in buying power. ADA compliance also makes your website easier to find by boosting your SEO and page ranks on search engines.
Absolutely not. An accessible design will make your website look cleaner, which makes it easier for everybody to navigate, especially users with disabilities.

About web accessibility

With 20 years of digital experience, we have gained a deep understanding of web accessibility.

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Accessible Development

Accessible Development

Achieving accessibility at the code level.

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Inclusive Design

Inclusive Design

Accessible designs accommodate all users.

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Accessibility & The Law

Accessibility & The Law

What to know about ADA compliance for websites.

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Accessibility & SEO

Accessibility & SEO

Being accessible means better search rankings.

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Our accessibility experts can help expand your audience, improve user experience, avoid legal risk, and boost your search engine performance.

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