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The best keywords are no longer enough. Winning top rankings in search results today requires technical experts who can optimize the digital foundation of your website at the code level.

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Page speed optimization is the #1 Technical SEO Tactic Being used to improve search performance in 2020

What is technical SEO

SEO actually began as a purely technical discipline, before content and keywords became the focus of performing in search. Now SEO has come full circle, and competing for top results requires deep technical search optimization that enhances your website’s digital infrastructure to help search engines interpret and index your pages. This elevates your organic search rankings and improves your site’s chances of winning featured results and voice searches.

This is Our Sweet Spot

Our agency is built on a digital foundation that combines decades of web development and search optimization expertise. That positions our technical SEO to deliver results.

Optimizing Page Performance

By improving your website’s user experience with digital accessibility, faster-loading pages, descriptive metadata and more, we help you keep visitors longer and improve bounce rates.

A bar graph showing a 4 percent increase in mobile web traffic from 2017 to 2020

Faster Pages Get Higher Search Rankings

In 2018, Google announced page speed would be a major ranking factor for mobile searches.

Implementing a Mobile-First Strategy

Google now crawls and indexes websites based on their mobile experience rather than desktop.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Google’s AMP project promotes a consistent user experience for web pages across all devices and screen sizes.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

PWAs offer unique performance advantages over traditional websites or native mobile apps, including the ability to function offline.

Web Accessibility

Accessible websites perform better in search engines, and we’ve been building ADA compliant websites since 2000.

Winning Featured Search Results

Search engine results pages (SERPs) used to be a simple list of website links, but today’s SERPs include more prominent callouts and images called Featured Snippets. That’s why our technical SEO positions your site to win valuable search elements like these:

An example lawn mower rich snippet

Shopping Snippets

Customers can more easily browse your products when they are featured in carousels at the top of search results.

Local Packs

More than ever, Google is factoring in a user’s location when it returns search results, so winning this Featured Snippet is critical to attracting local web traffic.

Google maps results for a search of "lawn mowers".

An example of the Kao Collins rich snippet

Video and Image Snippets

Capture organic search traffic through elevated multimedia that’s featured on your website.

People Also Ask

When your content delivers just the right answer, Google leads them to your site to avoid one search leading to another.

Google results for a search of "voice search"

The Importance of Schema Markup

Without structured data called Schema markup added to your pages, search engines will be less inclined to rank your website high enough to win featured snippets or voice searches.

Get Our Unique Technical SEO Expertise

Most digital agencies do not have the proven combination of web development and SEO capabilities that are at the core of DBS.

20+ years of building enterprise-level websites that perform in search has uniquely positioned our team of strategists to understand and implement technical SEO that helps your site win. Connect with us to learn how we can help you own search results like never before.