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20 plus years of experience combining SEO & development.

Bring voice search traffic to
your website

To optimize your website for voice search, you need more than just keyword density and content written for voice searches.

You need a combination of deep technical expertise and strategic knowledge of your customer’s searching habits.
At DBS, we provide both.

We Listen and Focus On Your Needs

The great news is that optimizing for voice search also elevates your overall search performance, positioning your site to win prominent Featured Snippets in mobile and desktop search results. Featured snippets are much more prominent than other search results, so capitalizing on every opportunity to win a snippet helps your brand stand out from the competition at a critical moment in their buyer journey—no matter which device they use to search for solutions.

A google search of voice search trends.

A google search of healthcare web design examples.

58% of US consumers have used voice to search for a local business on their smartphone.

Studies show that nearly half of all people using voice search daily are searching for a local business.

The longer you wait to improve your voice search rankings, the more your business will miss out on local search traffic.

Competitve Advantages for B2B

Most business-to-business companies have been slow to implement voice search optimization. That means the competition is behind.

If your goal is to own voice search results related to B2B products and services, the time to capitalize on the opportunity is now—and your window is closing.

91% of brands are investing in voice, and the other 9% are falling behind.

Future-Proof your Search Marketing

From smartphones, to smart speakers, to vehicles and beyond, brands continue adding voice technology to traditional interfaces and tools that have become part of our daily lives. That’s why optimizing your website for voice technology today strategically positions your business to perform even better over the long-term, as the voice-enabled device market grows and voice searches become even more prevalent.

Voice search smart devices.

Benefit from Our Voice SEO Expertise

At DBS, we have 20 years of experience perfecting organic SEO for our clients, helping them win search results and stay ahead of big changes in search engine algorithms. Connect with us to learn how we can optimize your website for voice search.

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