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Earned Media

Earned media is the overlooked strategy that drives prospects to your business. As the crucial third pillar of your marketing strategy, it supports and elevates the performance of your owned content and paid marketing campaigns.

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Benefits of Earned Media

Satisfied customers influence other customers to engage with the brands they like or admire, and perhaps purchase a product or service from them. Whether it is outstanding customer service, an inspirational social media post, or helpful content, earned media is about turning audiences and industry leaders into influencers. Doing so ensures your high-quality work continuously pays dividends and maximizes your return on time and resources that you invest in your work.

Did you know? Traffic from earned media is 56% more likely to complete a goal on your website’s landing pages.

How earned media helps you win

  • Increases trust and credibility for your business, product, or service
  • Elevates your brand and builds awareness with your target audiences
  • Improves your website’s ranking and visibility within search results
  • Increases site traffic, foot traffic, and sales leads

Examples of Earned Media

Did you know? Public relations is almost 90% more effective than advertising.

  • A news story or featured article about your business
  • An interview about you or your business for a story
  • Social media posts that mention or tag your business
  • Email newsletters that recipients forward to more people
  • Social media posts that are shared or go viral
  • A customer review or rating of your business
  • High search rankings that feature your brand in rich text snippets
  • Links to your website from credible third parties
  • Awards for your business or featured work

How Our Services Drive Earned Media

Content that is high-quality and highly shareable reaches larger audiences

We produce informative, persuasive, and entertaining content that your audience values and feels compelled to share with friends and industry peers.

Public relations cultivates relationships with market influencers

We position your company as a thought leader by connecting your experts to reporters and influencers within your industry and mainstream media.

SEO makes your brand more visible in search engines like Google

We fine-tune your website and content with organic SEO and technical SEO to elevate your brand and drive leads from online search traffic.

Social media drives brand awareness and builds brand loyalty

We produce engaging social media campaigns that generate demand for your products or services by driving engagement and brand mentions.

Apply Earned Media to your Marketing Strategy

Contact DBS Interactive to discuss how we apply earned media strategies in your marketing campaigns to leverage owned and paid media to achieve measurable goals.

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