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What is Demand Generation?

Demand generation is a results-driven marketing strategy that generates awareness, builds interest, and acquires new customers by engaging audiences through a targeted mix of channels and touchpoints along the buyer’s journey. Beyond the initial sale, effective demand generation also grows brand loyalty, further increasing sales through more referrals, word of mouth, and repeat business.

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Demand Generation vs.
Lead Generation

Demand generation can focus on goals and outcomes beyond just generating leads—such as email subscriptions, product purchases, downloads of content or apps, and social media engagement. Put simply:

Demand generation refers to a type of marketing strategy, while lead generation is one typical goal or outcome of a demand generation campaign.

Compel Prospects to Engage with Your Brand

Having a great product or business is only the first step to growing demand for it. You need customer awareness and interest—that’s why we position your brand to funnel more prospects into your sales and marketing pipeline through the strategic deployment of content and targeted messaging.

Graphic depicting the stages of customer acquisition

Hyper Focus On Strategy

We emphasize the research and planning phase to ensure every component of our demand generation campaigns is tactical and goal-oriented.

Multichannel Campaigns

We launch marketing campaigns for online search, social media, PPC, print media and beyond, delivering proven results and ROI for clients operating globally across multiple industries and continents.

Strategic Designs and Messaging

After our creative team of writers, designers and strategists develops business-oriented content, we deploy it so that prospects see and engage with brands on the right channels at the right time.

Build Loyalty Beyond the Sale

Our demand strategies don’t stop once prospects become customers. Our campaigns build loyalty and enthusiasm that extends to existing customers, driving repeat and referral business for more sustainable revenue streams and lower cost-per-acquisition.


Kao Collins Inc.

Our multichannel demand generation campaign promoting the release of Kao Collins’s SIGMA ink produced a 50% increase in new business leads and a 32% increase in new site users.

Let’s Make Your Business Irresistible

We think your brand deserves to be seen and heard, and our team has the marketing expertise and creative capabilities you need to bring in new customers with remarkable campaigns. Reach out to see how we can help.

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