Make your site stand out
using search engine optimization

Organic search visibility is pivotal to your website’s success. That’s why making your website or web page more discoverable for search engines should be one of the top priorities of any digital marketing project. By implementing effective search engine optimization (SEO) practices, we improve your ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs) and maximize the number of visitors to your site.

As users seek information, products, or services online, a properly-optimized site will attract significantly more visitors than one that has been left neglected. At DBS, we’ve taken pride in being SEO experts for nearly two decades, constantly implementing the latest trends in search optimization (including Technical SEO) to help you stay ahead of the curve.

You want to connect with your audience. We’re here to help.

For an SEO strategy to be effective, there are several components that must be considered:

Quality content

The importance of your website’s content has never been higher. Whereas a few years ago the quantity would have been your focus, today it’s all about quality. Well-written, informative content does more to improve your site and ranking in the search engines than anything else. Our team is proficient at creating optimized content and providing guidance during the content creation process.

Effective site architecture

The name of the game is user experience. A well-planned, intuitive site with easy-to-find information delivers a better experience to visitors than an unorganized, incoherent one. We’re ready to help you plan your site and design architecture that delivers your message effectively and efficiently to your audience.

Keyword optimization

Understanding what your audience is searching for is a key step when optimizing your site. Keyword optimization is the process of researching what specific words and phrases your potential visitors are using in search engines, then incorporating those words and phrases throughout your site. Finding the right keywords to use has a significant impact on the performance of your site. Our team has years of experience tailoring sites to outperform the competition through effective keyword usage.

Meta tag development

Meta tags act as page descriptions that play a large role in telling search engines what information a particular page contains. When done correctly, meta tag development incorporates valuable keywords and helps users find your site easier. This is an opportunity than many overlook when developing a website, but our team addresses this with care during each and every project.


Next to quality content, the number of quality backlinks might the best indicator of site performance. Emphasis on quality. Incoming hyperlinks are worthless if they’re coming from a disreputable source, but links from industry relevant sources or thought leaders are a massive boon to your site. The value of backlinks continues to grow and we’re prepared to help you take advantage of the technique.

Blog & social presence

Regularly posting new content offers a great deal of value to your site’s performance. By consistently developing quality, keyword-rich, shareable content, you can greatly improve your SEO success. Crafting blog posts that benefit your search rankings and managing multiple social media platforms can be daunting tasks, but you don’t need to undertake those challenges alone.

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