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Welcome Our New CCO – Skipper!

DBS Interactive
dbs skipper standing on sofa

At DBS Interactive we keep growing our team and adding locations. With that, we’re excited to introduce Skipper, our new Chief Canine Officer!

dbs skipper with cyndi mastersSkipper interviewed with Cyndi Masters, the Founder and CEO of DBS, and passed with flying colors. He was hired on the spot.

Skipper’s warm and welcoming demeanor makes him a perfect fit for his role as CCO.

The caring team at Miami Valley Pit Crew was quick to adopt this young, abandoned pup. Their organization specializes in fostering dogs and preparing them for adoption. Along with five other dogs in foster care, they worked on providing Skipper with all the tools for success, including interacting and playing with both dogs and humans.

We did the same.

dbs skipper outdoorsSkipper, born November 3, 2021, is an energetic mix of Chihuahua and Terrier, including some traits of a smooth Fox Terrier. For simplicity, let’s refer to him as a Terrier mix.

When it comes to treats, Skipper’s absolute favorite is anything with peanut butter. Additionally, he takes great pleasure in long-lasting chew treats and training rewards.

Playtime is where Skipper shines. He delights in extracting squeakers from toys and engaging in lively tug-of-war matches. Skipper loves catching tossed toys in the air. Everything he does encourages others to join in on the fun.

Skipper has had a profound impact on the staff in the DBS headquarters in Louisville and on others throughout the building. He’s first to greet anyone who walks through the door and makes sure to set aside time for one-on-one meetings with each team member. The mention of going to “work” each morning has him racing for the car to begin his day at his beloved new job.

The magic of pets lies in their ability to create an atmosphere that transcends the mundane. Skipper proves it. The companionship of animals evokes feelings of delight and dispels the stress that comes with the expectations of a workplace. 

Skipper finds his true happy place outdoors. He eagerly rushes to the office door at the mere mention of going outside for a walk. Along the way, he finds every opportunity to socialize with anyone he meets, and he especially hopes to make new friends among fellow canines.