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Remembering “Super” Cooper Masters (2005 – 2023)

DBS Interactive
Photo of our CEO Cyndi Masters and Super Cooper

Cooper had an oversized role at DBS Interactive. Don’t let his size fool you.

He learned early on in his career as CCO (Chief Canine Offer) that sleeping on the job was not only acceptable behavior, but encouraged. He was always quiet and respectful during meetings. In fact, an occasional snore was the signal for the team to wrap up the discussion, whether in a conference room or the CEO’s office.

So it is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of Cooper Masters, affectionately known as “Super Cooper,” who served many years as DBS Interactive’s CCO.

Super Cooper was proof that ascending to a prominent office role didn’t require a pedigree. He was the greatest of leaders who knew how to bring a smile to everyone’s face, helping the staff achieve their highest potential without ever barking orders.

He was gifted with a strong work ethic, even on days when Cyndi was working outside the office. He knew his place was in the office. He always found a way to come into the office to keep an eye on his people.

No ordinary Rat Terrier, oh no. His unparalleled charism and amiable spirit endeared him to everyone who met him, including clients.

They often asked about him, and, safe to say, he deserves credit for closing a few deals. Cooper had the uncanny ability to read people and understand their needs, often offering a gentle paw and maintaining eye contact all with perpetual tail wagging.

And, yes, an occasional sloppy kiss.

The Arrival of Super Cooper

Friendly and energetic can’t go far enough in describing Cooper. Born in 2005, he was adopted from Kentucky Humane Society by CEO Cyndi Masters during an event at a Feeders Pet Supply store, a locally owned regional pet products chain in Louisville.

Destined for success, he hit the ground running – literally.

From the first day on the job, it was clear Cooper was going places. He was a lightning bolt zipping through the door the moment it beeped, racing past everyone toward his comfortable workspace.

Cooper also had the amazing talent of being able to hear a snack being opened anywhere in the office. It did not matter how quiet the rustle of a chip bag was, he would be by your side in seconds, politely waiting for his piece.

“He didn’t just hear it. He showcased MVP skills. I’ve rarely seen a dog as good at catching treats as Cooper,” said General Manager Mark Shelton. “He could track it down and snatch it from the air like a Major League shortstop.”

It wasn’t enough to just be fast and friendly. He had quite the fashion sense.

Cooper’s wardrobe included plenty of comfy DBS sweatshirts.

On chillier days he donned a sweater or jacket, never wearing the same outfit twice in the same week. He showed his devotion to the company with a custom hooded pullover.

Cooper’s normal senses were not his biggest strength, however. He could always tell when someone around the office was having a stressful day, and made sure he was there to offer comfort and a smile when needed.

While supporting and encouraging the staff was a responsibility he took seriously, he also understood the need to mentor up-and-coming career canines. He knew office politics was key to success, sharing secrets and insights. He introduced up-and-coming leaders to team members most likely to have an extra snack (everyone), and then taught the pups proper office etiquette.

“I remember when Cyndi began bringing Cooper into the office,“ said Mark Shelton. “I would occasionally bring in my dog Olga for a “business meeting” (wink, wink) and before long, the two of them would wander the office and even cuddle up for a nap”

Cooper taught the DBS team the value of exercise, getting out, and stretching our legs. Long walks at midday was his way of clearing his mind and clearing the air.

Cooper especially bonded with Hal Burgiss, the agency’s Chief Technology Officer and avid bicyclist. The two spent considerable time leading each other in new directions. Cooper helped Hal expand his network throughout downtown Louisville on his daily walks. Cooper never met a two-legged or four-legged stranger he didn’t like, nor did Hal.

Hal says “Cooper was even more popular than me on our walks, but I didn’t mind. “He was fun and had an infectious energy, and everyone always loved seeing him.”

A Healthy Work-Life Balance

Cooper loved his boating adventures–always with a lifejacket, safety first!

Cooper’s active life went far beyond the walls of DBS and the Louisville sidewalks. He would likely attribute his success to strong work-life balance.

He yearned to discover anything new as an avid adventurer at heart and always eager to join Cyndi on trips to explore new beaches in Florida, or boating, or even go hiking in the forest.

But Cooper was equally at home snuggled up on the couch for a good nap. As long as his family was nearby, he was content and happy. Wherever he was, Cooper seemed determined to live his life to the fullest and bring joy and love.

Goodbye Is Always Hard

Cooper’s infectious smile will never be forgotten.

In the fast-paced world of business and technology there are few constants with change expected.

Cooper was the constant, the rock.

He meant more and provided more than the endless cups of coffee. And the staff’s reliable can-do attitude continues in honor of the Cooper. He would expect nothing less.

“Who knew a dog could break your heart that much? He left an emptiness that’s much bigger than he was,” Cyndi said.

With Cooper’s passing, a piece of DBS is missing. He will be deeply missed by everyone at DBS Interactive, as well as his two-legged and four-legged friends outside the office.

Cooper was more than just a furry friend to his colleagues–he made everyone feel safe and comforted, he was loved by all who knew him, and his absence will be deeply felt.

Rest easy Cooper, and know your memory will live on in our hearts forever.