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How a PWA Supports International SEO

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illustration of earth with lines representing network connections

A quick look at the annual GDP growth of countries worldwide shows the immense potential for international business. However, many growing economies have slow internet speeds and need a fully functional 5G connection. International companies struggle to penetrate these emerging global markets because of low bandwidth and poor connectivity.

A Progressive Web App (PWA) helps companies reach and engage users on these digital platforms. And PWAs significantly impact international search engine optimization (SEO).

Countries with GDP Growth Above 3%

imf data mapper gdp growth over 3 percent

While many countries across much of Africa and Asia have GDP growth rates over three percent, poor internet access creates challenges for digital marketing. Businesses with progress apps have an advantage because users in these countries can access information even when offline. Source: IMF

See the list of average internet speeds for countries.

7 Ways International SEO Benefits from a PWA

PWAs can provide a fast, engaging, and seamless user experience across various devices, making them an ideal solution for websites that target audiences in multiple countries with different devices and internet connectivity levels.

1. Fast Speeds On Any Network

While native apps provide a highly optimized user experience and access to device-specific features, PWAs are more flexible, require less development time, and can be accessed through a web browser without needing installation.

PWAs load faster than typical sites, delivering a superior user experience in countries with broadband networks’ limited bandwidth. The speed of internet connections varies between different countries and between each business based on their specific requirements.

Irrespective of any network, PWAs are designed to be fast and responsive, which means they load quickly and efficiently, even on slow or unreliable internet connections. This can be particularly important for international audiences with limited high-speed internet access.


2. Can Be Accessed While the Device is Offline

There’s no question. iPhone and Android users like native apps. The best ones offer a great user experience – with one gaping exception. The apps require a network connection to provide the benefits.

PWAs can be downloaded and displayed on the smartphone just like a native app for the device. It lets you keep browsing the site on your device without an internet connection. Progressive Web Apps work offline, which means users can access blogs, product information, and other details irrespective of connectivity. This benefits international audiences traveling or living in areas with poor or no internet service.


3. Meets Google Search Performance Criteria

Google’s Lighthouse tool for measuring various performance criteria for websites includes PWA because it is considered a best practice for user experience.

Google’s benchmarks focus on delivering a fast and seamless user experience, especially on mobile devices.

A PWA does that with fast speeds and responsive design.


4. Can Function On Any Device

PWAs are not native to any platform or hardware, so you can use a PWA whether you have a new or older iPhone, Android, or any connected device with a browser.

That opens your door for more international audiences using various device and operating system options.


5. Beyond Responsive Design

All progressive web apps incorporate responsive design but not all responsive websites are designed as PWAs. Both adapt to the screen size of the user’s device, ensuring a consistent and optimal experience.

Developing a PWA involves creating several versions of the site to work on different devices.

That’s part of what delivers the performance benefits. Non-PWA responsive architecture requires more code overhead which slows performance.


6. Updates Push Automatically

PWA updates instantly to all devices installed or when visiting the website. That means no waiting to download the latest version.

Also, PWAs can send push notifications to users, supporting increased site engagement.

Notifications can be customized for different languages and regions, improving the user experience for international audiences.


7. Language Support

PWAs can be built to support multiple languages, making reaching international audiences easier.

This can include using language-specific URLs, implementing hreflang tags to indicate language and country targeting, and providing language-specific content and resources.


How Businesses Benefit from a PWA

key performance indicator research results for progressive web apps
Beyond the nuts and bolts overview of how a PWA works, there are the bottom-line results for businesses opting to use the web platform. Based on Google research, a PWA delivers on key performance indicators (KPIs) and goals that most companies use to measure success.

Key Performance Indicators Research Results  

  • Average bounce rate: 43% lower.
  • Mobile sessions increased by about 80%.
  • Page views increased by 134%.
  • Lead conversions increased by over 50%.

The benefits have a multiplier effect on businesses.

Brand Awareness

Improving search performance with a PWA increases your chances of winning Featured Snippets that elevate brand awareness and position you as a thought leader.

While PWAs may not directly win a featured snippet, they can help improve your website’s overall performance and user experience.

With a well-executed content strategy, a PWA indirectly increases your chances of winning a featured snippet by improving your website’s relevance, quality, and user engagement.


Brand Elevation

Improving search performance with a PWA increases your chances of winning Featured Snippets, elevating brand awareness, and positioning you as a thought leader.

While PWAs may not directly win a featured snippet, they can help improve your website’s overall performance and user experience.


Lead Generation

Developing your site as a PWA enhances your content’s ability to increase inbound search traffic from prospective customers who convert into sales leads.

Users are more likely to return to a website that offers a smooth and efficient experience.

PWAs help businesses generate more leads and improve their overall marketing efforts with what the platform offers: a  better user experience, offline functionality, push notifications, and increased discoverability.


Connect with Customers Worldwide

PWAs offer features and capabilities that support international SEO efforts without prohibitive development costs and ongoing maintenance. Leveraging the features of PWAs provides a path to reach potential customers worldwide.

We develop progressive web apps and native apps. We can help you decide which choice would achieve your goals. Contact us.

Internet Speeds by Country

Speedtest® by Ookla® aggregates global data based on individual user testing.
Country Mbps Country Mbps
United Arab Emirates 178.25 Iraq 30.62
Qatar 174.56 Laos 29.97
Norway 143.55 Chile 29.38
Kuwait 135.63 Georgia 28.42
Denmark 129.95 Bosnia and Herzegovina 27.37
South Korea 120.38 Costa Rica 27.26
Netherlands 114.19 Honduras 26.81
China 109.09 Guatemala 25.75
Bulgaria 103.72 Philippines 25.63
Bahrain 102.45 Mauritius 25.62
Saudi Arabia 101.92 Mexico 25.54
Sweden 94.42 Kosovo 25.35
Canada 92.43 Kazakhstan 24.87
Finland 92.15 Tunisia 24.85
Switzerland 85.09 El Salvador 24.60
Australia 84.67 Ukraine 24.42
Croatia 83.48 Egypt 24.30
Luxembourg 82.55 Myanmar (Burma) 24.25
United States 81.26 Kyrgyzstan 23.70
Brunei 78.09 Uganda 23.45
Austria 76.79 Argentina 23.44
Singapore 76.48 Russia 23.39
Maldives 76.34 Armenia 23.17
Estonia 75.67 Cambodia 22.55
North Macedonia 73.52 Namibia 22.35
France 72.25 Nigeria 22.03
Portugal 72.02 Tanzania 21.79
Taiwan 71.27 Côte d’Ivoire 21.76
Lithuania 70.87 Ecuador 21.69
Cyprus 70.52 Kenya 21.60
Greece 67.54 Indonesia 21.35
Latvia 66.92 Jordan 21.25
Germany 62.61 Dominican Republic 20.68
New Zealand 62.53 Fiji 20.60
Slovenia 60.89 Angola 19.35
Oman 58.27 Sudan 18.98
Malta 55.55 Mozambique 18.94
Slovakia 54.97 Papua New Guinea 18.89
Belgium 54.45 Mongolia 18.39
Hong Kong (SAR) 52.07 Algeria 18.08
Romania 48.72 Peru 18.03
Czechia 48.66 Uzbekistan 17.84
Serbia 48.57 Paraguay 17.69
Poland 47.86 Nicaragua 17.43
Malaysia 47.72 Senegal 17.33
United Kingdom 46.86 Zambia 17.13
Italy 46.64 Panama 16.91
Montenegro 46.20 Bangladesh 16.65
Albania 45.38 Ethiopia 16.48
Hungary 44.94 DR Congo 16.47
Vietnam 43.32 Benin 16.40
Japan 42.48 Turkmenistan 16.05
Thailand 40.80 Libya 15.23
Azerbaijan 39.46 Sri Lanka 15.20
South Africa 38.88 Pakistan 15.14
Uruguay 38.64 Nepal 14.28
Ireland 38.14 Zimbabwe 12.95
Spain 37.83 Colombia 12.16
Brazil 37.81 Belarus 12.08
Togo 36.55 Cameroon 11.24
Iran 36.33 Syria 11.22
Botswana 36.21 Ghana 11.16
Morocco 34.60 Bolivia 9.31
India 33.30 Tajikistan 9.23
Jamaica 33.09 Haiti 8.78
Turkey 32.06 Yemen 7.35
Trinidad and Tobago 31.20 Somalia 6.68
Lebanon 31.10 Venezuela 6.59
Moldova 30.94 Afghanistan 4.14
Israel 30.84 Cuba 3.44