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Microsite Development

Our custom microsites help brands achieve marketing goals through laser-focused web design, user experience, content and messaging that targets specific audiences.

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What are Microsites?

Microsites help companies achieve specific marketing goals and objectives through laser-focused web design and messaging developed for targeted audiences. Traditional websites are typically much larger than microsites and may include links to articles, blog posts, company information, updates, and more. Microsites differ in that they are very focused, giving visitors very limited and specific options for exploring content.

Why Develop a Microsite?

Companies typically develop microsites to promote a specific targeted product, event or campaign. However, this is different from developing simple landing pages for campaigns.

Microsites vs. Landing Pages

If your goal is brand awareness or brand building, engaging with your potential buyers and providing them with a delightful user experience(UX), and telling a big story, then microsites are your best bet.

If your goal is driving more traffic to your parent website, creating awareness about one single specific product or service and increasing conversion with a direct call to action, then there is nothing more effective than a landing page.

How Our Microsites Help Businesses

While traditional websites cover the entire gamut of business, microsites developed by DBS focus solely on performing in search and converting visitors into leads for a specific product or service that is promoted through brand awareness, events, and marketing campaigns.

Here’s how our microsites can help grow your business:

  • They can eliminate distractions that may be present on your main website, and focus content entirely on converting a specific buyer persona into a new business lead.
  • They integrate the latest on-page and technical SEO strategies to elevate the product or service to the first page of organic search results.
  • They serve as a content foundation that supports strategically targeted digital marketing campaigns across multiple marketing channels.
  • They effectively generate demand and brand awareness for a specific product or service you are promoting, including special events, conferences, and product launches.

How We Approach Microsite Development

Illustration depicting Strategy



We start by identifying your primary personas that will be addressed in the microsite, which are very different for B2B vs B2C companies. For example, if you were targeting audiences within the B2B ecosystem your personas may include a CEO, Marketing Director, or Procurement Manager. B2C personas are typically broken down by demographic or psychographic characteristics, rather than their role or profession.

More About Strategy
Illustration depicting User Stories & Flow mapping

User Stories & Flow mapping

User Stories & Flow mapping

We identify the needs of your user personas and map their pathways through the microsite to ensure your navigation and content is designed to help them solve their problems faster.

Illustration depicting Keyword Research

Keyword Research

Keyword Research

We determine the best keywords to include your microsite content so that it ranks for the right search queries.

Illustration depicting Architecture (Sitemap)

Architecture (Sitemap)

Architecture (Sitemap)

With audience research and keyword research in hand, we develop the structure of your microsite and optimize it for SEO and UX.

Illustration depicting UX & UI Design

UX & UI Design

UX & UI Design

The microsite’s architecture and design is planned according to our comprehensive research of your target personas, as we create Styles and Visual Concepts within brand guidelines and incorporate them into your site.

More About UI & UX Design
Illustration depicting Progressive Web App (PWA) Development

Progressive Web App (PWA) Development

Progressive Web App (PWA) Development

Microsites often focus on mobile users, and that’s where the value of a PWA really shines. Microsites that are PWAs are faster, responsive, mobile-optimized, device-agnostic, and even accessible without an internet connection.

More About PWA Development
Illustration depicting SEO



Content has to be based on keyword analysis and optimized for on page SEO. Optimizing content for users and search engines are just as important as a full website. Periodic reviews & audit followed by updating the observations helps the microsite stay on top of the search rankings.

More About SEO
Illustration depicting Linking



We link your microsite with the parent website and any affiliated social media accounts to increase traffic and search performance. Additionally, we work to earn links to your microsite from credible external sources to elevate its search ranking.

Illustration depicting Analytics



Tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console help for monitoring your microsite’s indexing status and for optimizing the search visibility of the microsite.

More About Analytics
Illustration depicting Launch & Post-Launch

Launch & Post-Launch

Launch & Post-Launch

Our development team ensures your microsite launch goes smoothly. For ongoing tracking of performance, we can set up custom dashboards that report on your microsite’s most important KPIs.

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