Web Development

Open-Source CMS and Development

We don’t develop in proprietary languages or on closed content management systems.  We want our clients to have the freedom to make their own customized choices without restriction and grow with the platforms they choose without incurring heavy, annual licensing expenses.

As one of the technical development leaders in the region, DBS has over 16 years of advanced , Laravel, Jekyll and Magento eCommmerce. We believe in giving our clients CMS options that best suit their needs.

Easy, Non-Technical Site Administration

Content management systems were created to allow non-technical team members to administrate, manage, and edit websites without web development experience. It gives freedom, authority and instant access to your website.

Through an online administrative dashboard, your team can edit text, add links, create and delete pages, upload images and videos, and perform a wide variety of website functions previously only available from professional web developers.

Technical Service Support

While you can fully administer your site from the CMS, on the occasion when you do not wish to make updates or tasks that require advanced technical assistance, DBS provides a ticket request system. You may also contact your account executive with this request if that works best for you. We strive for quick turnarounds and flawless execution for all clients.


ECommerce applications are inherently complex. There are many “moving parts” — shipping, taxing, payment processing, account management, order management, product catalog management, and security to name a few. Whether you just need a simple eCommerce add-on for a WordPress site, or a full blown multi-lingual, international eCommerce platform built with Magento, we can customize and provide a dynamic eCommerce experience for your audiences.

Custom Solutions and Integration

Whether its a custom WordPress design or theme, Drupal module,  Salesforce integration, ecommerce, a custom framework or API, or back-end integration with an ERP system, we’ve done it. Launching a basic website is a no-brainer these days. Almost anyone’s grandmother can do it. Almost anyone can launch a WordPress site, and “customize” it with a purchased theme and a handful of plugins. But it takes real expertise to know the best way to get where you want to go. We create our own responsive designs and themes. If needed, we write our own plugins. No job is so tough that we can’t provide a customized solution that’s just right for your project!

HTML5 Rocks!

We develop websites that strictly adhere to the web standards for accessibility and maximum compatibility as determined by the Worldwide Web Consortium (W3C). These guidelines allow us to build websites that are fully accessible to the majority of users on the web, regardless of the browser or computer platform being used. Web browsers have changed along with web technology, and the requirements for accessibility have changed as well.

To address the growing needs for website accessibility, the Web Standards Project (WaSP) was formed to update the guidelines. These guidelines include the strict adherence to CSS and HTML for fully accessible websites. Additionally, we adhere to the recommended guidelines established by the ADA for website design, which allows our sites to be accessible by those users who are blind or have visual disabilities.

Web Standards are Important

 There are a number of web  browsers (Microsoft Edge, Mozilla/Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari) currently in use on multiple platforms (PC, Mac, Mobile / Tablet). Each browser and platform might interpret the code for your website slightly different. We test for these differences. We make sure your message is displayed as it should be for your targeted audiences. Being fully web standards compliant helps greatly, but does not necessarily solve every issue.

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