Your customers are mobile. Why aren’t you?

Mobile web use is reaching critical mass, and is expected to exceed desktop use in the near future. It has become increasingly important to have a mobile website that specifically addresses the needs of these mobile visitors.

On a mobile phone, many elements of a traditional website often appear jumbled, do not display correctly, or are difficult to read/navigate. A mobile-specific website addresses these problems by providing your mobile audience with a simplified user experience.

Mobile Web Development

Our mobile web developers are experts in designing an experience that is optimized for the mobile audience. Your mobile website will be developed with a simplified navigation and will be customized for viewing on the widest range of smartphones currently on the market.

Upon arriving, a visitor will be identified as either a desktop/tablet visitor or a mobile visitor. If it is detected that the visitor is using a mobile device, the visitor will be served the mobile version of the website and granted the option of browsing the full site.

Mobile App Development

Mobile applications offer the ability to place your brand’s tool directly in the hands of your audience. Mobile apps are a great way to provide an engaging experience to your target audience, and are a valuable business investment. Users have the option to interact with your app anytime, anywhere.

Hybrid App Development

Hybrid apps are mobile applications which blend the use of native and web applications. Development of a hybrid application incorporates web pages which are referenced by the native app code, effectively marrying the two complimentary approaches into one application.

Our team is well versed in the design, development, and submission process of mobile app development. DBS>Interactive provides mobile application development across the major mobile platforms of Apple and Android. We also provide extensive usability testing to ensure your app is entirely functional, and will perform as desired.

Whether you require a standalone web app, a native app, a hybrid app, or one that complements an existing website, we possess the skills needed to get the job done quickly and efficiently.