Case Study Kao Collins

Kao Collins Emerges on the World Stage with New Website and Integrated Marketing

We combined a scalable, high-performance website with brand elevation and multinational integrated marketing to transform an industrial inkjet ink manufacturer from invisible to irresistible.

  • Web Accessibility
  • Multi-National Website
  • Product Launches
  • Integrated Marketing
  • Web Design & Development
  • Organic SEO
  • Technical SEO

Results Snapshot

  • Organic SEO & Technical SEO generated a 300% increase in sales leads and improved lead quality in the first year.
  • Achieved page-load speeds of 1.3 seconds, 6-7x higher than the industry average.
  • 600% increase in new site visitors increased brand awareness.
  • Strategic, multichannel product launch generated a 32% increase in new users and a 50% increase in leads quarter-over-quarter.

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The Challenge

Tell the story of the company’s innovative existing and new products and services few outside their base of loyal customers knew. Make the brand familiar to the industrial inkjet OEMs, major commercial printers and the packaging industry.

Kao XBAR module
Ink cartridges

The Strategy

Exploit the success of the company’s innovative inkjet printing solutions, centered on a foundation of an enterprise-level website designed and developed to international best practices and compliance requirements and supported with integrated and account-based marketing.

High-Performance Website

Impatient users abandon slow websites, especially in emerging markets. Fast page loading speeds would be key. The website would also need to adhere to international standards for accessibility and be built to best practices for user experience.

Organic Search Optimization

Since B2B business primarily originates online, keyword research identified the greatest opportunities for improving Organic SEO across the website copy and blog articles.

International Reach

Attracting international audiences in Europe and emerging markets in Asia involved demographic research and understanding search trends. A unique Mandarin-language site hosted in China would reach that desirable market.

Integrated Marketing

Engage audiences at key touchpoints across the spectrum of digital and offline channels, including integrated campaigns involving social media, email marketing, earned media, experiential events, and trade publication advertising.

Expert Content

Publishing high-quality content through informational blog articles would establish credibility, build the brand’s authority in the industry, and improve site performance and rankings within targeted search results.

Technical SEO

Keywords are just one small part of an effective search optimization formula, so the website needed technical SEO that would enhance the user experience, including powerful metadata, improved page loading speed, and advanced structured data.


The Solution

The conversion to industrial inkjet printing had begun. A high-performance website was designed, developed, and SEO-optimized to reach high value prospects around the world. Integrated marketing campaigns leveraged the new site to drive exponential growth in new business leads.

Global Access

We launched an ADA-compliant website that was accessible to worldwide audiences and offered clear user pathways for discovering products and services offered by Kao Collins for the major printing technologies.

Expert Copywriting

We wrote highly technical and expert content that highlighted industry applications of the brand’s innovative inks, driving more readers to convert to leads and elevating the website in organic search results.

Product Launches

We launched new products through unique website destinations, landing pages, and microsites with user-centric designs and high-quality content optimized for targeted organic search keywords.

Integrated Marketing

We used email marketing, offline marketing, and social media to attract users to visually appealing website pages and other relevant content that generated interest and new business.

Kao Collins home page

The Website

As the foundation of all marketing efforts and the hub of the user experience, the Kao Collins website, developed as a progressive web app (PWA), achieves fast load times – up to 6.5 times faster than the industry average. Compliance with international web accessibility standards and implementation of best practices helps the site perform remarkably well for search engines when combined with technical SEO. Microsites showcase new brand verticals and grow brand presence in international markets like China.

Browser-Based PWA

We built the site as a highly-secure progressive web app (PWA) to offer scalability for adding new products and services.

Meeting Best Practices

The site follows industry best practices for web development and user experience, making it fast and accessible on any platform, especially in emerging markets with limited internet bandwidth.

Technical SEO

Our development team built in code-level search optimization known as technical SEO, which elevates the brand and keywords in search engines, especially for voice search.

Digital Compliance

The site is built to international standards (including WCAG and ADA-compliance) for web accessibility, delivering an enhanced user experience and SEO performance while reducing legal exposure.


Integrated & Account-Based Marketing

Content Marketing

Expert content establishes brand credibility, offers valuable industry insights and search performance through organic and technical SEO.

Email Marketing

Targeted email campaigns reach prospects interested in products and services offered by Kao Collins for specific digital printing technologies.

Trade Advertising

Product-focused offline advertising highlights the brand’s unique value proposition with simple messaging, bold visuals, and a unique URL to track campaign engagement and performance.

Social Media

Paid and organic social media supports account-based marketing efforts to reach targeted verticals and specific prospect personas.

New Microsites

Elevate the Brand, Promote New Products & Generate Sales Leads

Kao XBAR home page
Kao Collins X-BAR product microsite
Kao Inktank logo
Inktank homepage
The InkTank is a Kao Collins microsite that serves as an industry knowledge center

Social Media Campaigns

Support Earned Media, Highlight Expert Content, Create Brand Consistency

Kao Collins social media post on LinkedIn
Kao Collins social media post about eco-friendly ink
Kao Collins social media post promoting the glossary
Kao Collins social media post promoting Kao Innovation Day

Strong Messaging, Bold Designs that Stand Out

Advertising in industry trade publications elevates the brand with clear messaging about the unique sales proposition offered by Kao Collins. The ad designs stand out in stark contrast to traditional, less engaging advertising found in the magazines. Social media reinforces these print components to amplify new-product promotion.

ad example designed by DBS Interactive promoting an ink product
ad example designed by DBS Interactive promoting black ink product SIGMA
ad example designed by DBS Interactive promoting new printing technology XBAR
ad example designed by DBS Interactive that promotes Lunajet ink
ad example designed by DBS Interactive promoting an ink product
ad example designed by DBS Interactive promoting black ink product SIGMA
ad example designed by DBS Interactive promoting new printing technology XBAR
ad example designed by DBS Interactive that promotes Lunajet ink

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