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Strategy secures
your success

Does your website perform like it should? Do your digital campaigns and social media channels drive useful traffic and conversions? Are your analytics tracking the right metrics? Our team has the expertise to help answer these questions and align your digital strategy with your business strategy.

Digital Strategy Services

Your digital presence should reflect the essence of your brand. We help companies define and refine their brand (logo, messaging, tag lines, brand voice) through workshops, research, and audience surveying. With this data in hand, we build out a plan that brings your brand to life and gives you the presence you want to display.

You’ve invested in servers, software, channels, websites, and personnel to support your digital portfolio. By meticulously studying and researching your digital landscape, we can provide you with the clarity and insights you need to fill in the gaps and use all of your digital channels wisely.

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The easiest way to build an audience is to know them before they know you. DBS can build detailed personas of your current and potential customers. We look at demographic, psychographic, and web habits data to construct portraits of the people you want to reach so you can connect with them better.

In addition to using third-party data to understand your audiences and opportunities, our strategists can conduct custom research. From keyword research to customer surveys to market and competitor analysis, we use best-practice research methodology so you can be confident in the data.

Information architecture – the process of determining how to organize, name and connect the content on your site – is key to user experience and conversion. Wise planning can even help you rank better on search engines. Our strategists develop intuitive sitemaps and user pathways that bring your project to life and help you envision how users will complete high-priority tasks.

Content strategy is the roadmap that ensures you have relevant, usable, focused and consistent content across multiple marketing channels from the moment your project launches and well into the future. It encompasses all marketing mediums, from text and images to animations and videos. Our team develops comprehensive content strategies that guide you through each phase of content planning, development, approval, and governance.

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Other Strategy Services

  • Customer Segmentation
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Website Strategy
  • Lead Generation Strategy
  • Digital Analytics and Analysis

Custom Solutions

It’s not enough to have websites, social media, content, or search engine optimization (SEO) that looks good. They have to produce real results. We collaborate with you to determine what you need to accomplish, and create custom solutions thoughtfully designed to succeed.

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