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Examples of B2B Content That Supports the Customer Journey

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The strategic selection of content is critical to attracting and engaging B2B prospects during their journey toward making a purchase decision. From sparking initial interest to nurturing leads and driving conversions, each stage demands a tailored approach based on clearly defined user personas.

This guide highlights some of the most common content types and the stages where each may have the greatest impact.

B2B Content Tactics

Whitepapers and eBooks –  Dive deep into topics, showcasing industry knowledge and expertise, while providing comprehensive insights to educate and engage potential leads. (Good for Awareness and Consideration stages)
Case Studies and Success Stories –  Offer real-world examples that highlight the tangible benefits and outcomes of your products or services, building credibility and trust among prospects. (Good for Consideration and Decision stages)
Videos and Webinars –  Create immersive experiences that cater to various informational needs across all stages of the buyer’s journey, from awareness to decision-making. (Good for Awareness, Consideration, and Decision stages)
Landing Pages –  Act as direct gateways for conversion, ensuring focused engagement and guiding prospects towards taking specific actions, such as signing up or making a purchase. (Good for Decision stage)
Articles and Blog Posts – Deliver valuable insights and expertise in a digestible format, establishing thought leadership and providing ongoing value to prospects throughout their journey. (Good for Awareness and Consideration stages)
Infographics and Data Visualizations –  Simplify complex information for enhanced engagement and shareability, making key messages easily understandable and memorable. (Good for Awareness and Consideration stages)
Interactive Tools and Calculators –  Provide value through interactive experiences, helping prospects assess their needs, make informed decisions, and understand the practical applications of your offerings. (Good for Consideration and Decision stages)
Email Newsletters –  A consistent stream of relevant content directly to subscribers’ inboxes, nurturing leads over time and keeping your brand top-of-mind. (Good for Awareness, Consideration, and Decision stages)

A multifaceted approach to content for various stages of the buyer’s journey guides potential B2B customers during the often lengthy sales cycle. Beyond building content around buyer personas, content must be authoritative and optimized with keywords to ensure potential customers see it in organic search results.

Your organization may benefit from an agency with the content expertise to produce the variety, quality, and quantity required to achieve ongoing results.

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