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There are endless complexities when evaluating inks for printing on specific materials and accomplishing business goals for performance and branding. So Kao Collins simplified the process of matching inks to substrates and seeing possibilities for printing with inkjet inks. Meet Ink Answers.

Project Goals

  • Help print service providers and industries identify compatible industrial inkjet inks for materials and products they want to print
  • Increase traffic from organic search
  • Capture business insights based on search criteria


Project Challenges

  • Identify and integrate the numerous variables of decision-making that drive user needs and questions surrounding ink.
  • Manage the complexity of possible search results with advanced filtering and searching functionality.
  • Create a simple user experience that avoids the paradox of choice stemming from the sheer number of ink types and substrate materials.

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Phase 1: Conceptualization and Planning

  • Define project objectives
  • Understand the needs and pain points of the target audience
  • Define KPIs

Phase 2: Content Creation

  • Create an inventory of available inks
  • Match inks and business priorities with the various inks

Phase 3: Database Development and Design

  • Use best practices to ensure high-performance
  • Design an intuitive and visually appealing interface to limit initial options

Phase 4: Technical SEO

  • Optimize page titles and URLS to appear in search results


The search optimized, user-friendly ink-substrate matching tool attracts a high percentage of new users–growing a coveted opportunity to introduce potential new customers to high-quality industrial inkjet inks.

Analysis of search traffic reveals complex long-tail keywords are driving thousands of impressions in Google Search results and hundreds of page views each month, many of which navigate to the Kao Collins site and convert into qualified leads.

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