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How Integrations Drive Productivity

Strategically integrating new and emerging technologies into your company’s digital infrastructure supports growth, improves efficiency, and elevates your bottom line.

Enables New Features and Functionalities

Augment a single platform or piece of software with the features and functions offered by multiple tools, creating whole new possibilities for your business to solve complex problems in real-time with custom technology.

Digitizes and Automates Processes

As we continue moving towards a paperless business world, it will become increasingly important to develop integrations that streamline workflows through digital documentation and other innovations that replace aging, inefficient systems and technologies.

Supports Cross-Functional Collaboration

Out-of-the-box technology solutions often fail to equally serve the needs of multiple departments and teams across large organizations. Integrating these solutions empowers your cross-functional teams to thrive despite their different priorities, processes, and KPIs.

Enables Interoperability

In many traditional working environments, such as healthcare or manufacturing, we can weave together multiple platforms and legacy technologies—especially in scenarios where migrating to new solutions is either impossible or fiscally unwise for the organization.

Unifies Resources

When your company’s most important tools and programs live on different devices or platforms outside of a central network, integrations can combine and make these components more accessible to your enterprise workforce for more efficient workflows.

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How We Integrate Your Technologies

Through 20 years of custom development, we’ve refined a consistently successful approach to strategizing and developing integrations that help our clients achieve business goals.

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Integration Planning & Strategy

Getting the planning phase right is critical to getting the results you need for your integration project, so we put maximum energy into learning your challenges, defining your goals, and mapping out your integration strategy.

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Custom Integration Development

With a solid plan in place and clear expectations established, our development team gets to work designing, building, testing, and validating the technical performance of your new technology.

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Agile Implementation

Once your integrations are ready to launch, we begin a phased implementation that ensures your newly integrated technologies work properly from the moment they go live.

Examples of Integrations We Build

We build many common forms of IT system integrations, as well as custom development for unique integrations that seamlessly connect your internal platforms and resources.

  • Application Programming Interface (API)
  • Digital Asset Management (DAM)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Product Information Management (PIM)
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

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Start Building the Integrations You Need

Through customized digital integrations, we build bridges that connect your digital and web-based tools to keep your business thriving. Let’s discuss how our development experts can help.

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