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Portfolio: Transcell

Engineered Results

Transcell components

Since 1981, Transcell has been a leading provider of superior quality force measurement equipment and engineering services across multiple industry verticals.

Transcell home page

Transcell products

Our Goals

  1. Create a web presence that conveys the quality of Transcell products and their engineering expertise in the force measurement industry.
  2. Design the website to generate qualified leads through an intuitive user experience and focused messaging.

Targeted Approach

We developed a strategy that makes the website attractive for prospects–specifically engineers, business owners, and operations managers–and demonstrates how Transcell’s force measurement solutions support their industrial applications.

Example user persona

Typography & Color

We used typography to establishing hierarchy and express the new brand presence.

Transcell color palette

Design with Weight

We created a design that makes the business and its suite of force measurement solutions and engineering services more approachable, including strategic placement of branding elements and on-page illustrations that support the brand story.

Transcell Mobile Screens

Content with a Purpose

We wrote SEO-friendly landing pages and developed content that reflects the depth and breadth of Transcell’s knowledge of force measurement applications in a way that nurtures industry personas through the website marketing funnel to become new sales leads.

Transcell desktop screens

Development with Foresight

We designed and built an accessible, SEO-friendly PWA that is scalable for future business growth and marketing efforts, supported by an optimized architecture that will elevate search performance and user experience of the site moving forward.

Illustration of digital devices

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