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Rest Assured – Telehealth & Remote Monitoring

Cut-away View of Living Quartrs

Is ResCare a healthcare provider or a technology company?

The answer is yes.

A multibillion dollar healthcare corporation with over 40 years of assisted living and in-home care expertise needed a digital partner to help launch an innovative new remote care platform.

Elder Gentleman Smiling

Enter, designed and built to demonstrate ResCare’s latest remote home monitoring and real-time live support capabilities.

Ease of use is more than a goal – it’s a requirement.

Rest Assured Remote Monitoring and Telehealth website pages

The audience for Rest Assured needed less complexity in their lives, not more. So we simplified the digital experience from end-to-end.

Intuitive Visitor Pathways

From the homepage, any of the personas we identified in market research can quickly identify and navigate to the content they need.

Rest Assured Remote Monitoring and Sleep Tracking

Interactive Design That Demonstrates Value

How do you simplify a comprehensive new digital platform offering features that seem pulled from science fiction?

  • Providing Visual Context – An interactive 3D rendering shows how the product specifically operates and enables independent living inside the home.

  • Leading Viewers Through a Journey – Prospective partners, caregivers, seniors, and other site visitors can click and see the value of each feature at a glance.

Rest Assured Remotely Tracking Sleep Patterns

Show Results through Messaging

Rest Assured was proven before it was released to the public. We needed audiences to understand how clients were already succeeding with it.

  • Audience-specific Landing Pages – Residential provider agencies are delivered a slightly different value proposition than pages focusing more on family caregivers and guardians.

  • Success Stories – Testimonials convey the emotional weight of having a seamless tool that improves someone’s quality of life.

  • Iconography – When words aren’t enough, iconic visual references help site visitors connect specific benefits and value with the product.

Color palette and telecare icons for the Rest Assured website and branding project

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