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Koma Precision manufactures, engineers and distributes custom machine-tooling solutions and related components.

Screenshot of desktop Koma Precision site

Collage of Koma machines

Our Goals

  1. Create a user experience with the same precision as the products
  2. Engineer the website to perform under the most demanding conditions

Making the Complex Seem Simple

In addition to summarizing the technical details, we hand-crafted illustrations to showcase each Koma product category at a glance.

Group of Koma machines being sketched

Make Every Step Logical

We use our understanding the users, goals, and pain points to inform our planning and execution

User persona example

User persona example

Group of example user personas

Wireframe examples

Design & Messaging

Curated to speak directly to Koma Precision’s customer personas

Typography & Color

Eye-catching color and typography that bring precision and pop to a dull industry

Koma color palette

Koma typography

Koma screen views

Experience Designed

Providing the user with the information they need, when they need it, and where they expect it

KOma sitemap

Performance scores

Optimized for Success

Koma was built for search engine discoverability from the ground up with both on-page and technical SEO

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