Case Study: Kao Collins Ink Tank

The Challenge

Kao Collins, the leading international ink and inkjet product manufacturer, needed a fresh, modern platform to showcase their engineering innovation and creative uses of their products. So, how do you take a product many take for granted and open up a world of creative possibilities? You create Ink Tank!

Services offered

Strategy, Design, Development, WordPress, Marketing, Content, Video, Search, Social, Tradeshow Design, Print Ads, Logo Design

The Solution

DBS Interactive created The Ink Tank – a visually striking, modern blog that serves as an ink knowledge center for Kao Collins. The Ink Tank features a hypnotic design that draws attention to ink inspiration, education, and trends to show the depth and breadth of Kao Collins. The blog makes it easy for non-technical team members at Kao Collins to upload and showcase informational videos, enlightening interviews, media publications, social media highlights, and infographics. DBS continues to partner and expand a variety of content, interviews, articles, imagery, video, and social engagement for the Ink Tank. (FYI, we’re ready to sweep the “ink” category on Jeopardy.)

The Results

The Ink Tank’s launch created buzz in the ink industry and the blog has received praise by experts within and outside the industry. It doubled the overall traffic to the Kao Collins website and significantly boosted organic search engine traffic. It proved, and continues to prove once and for all that out-of-the-box thinking makes for innovative inking.

In one month: