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Portfolio: Help at Home

An Innovative Site for Innovative Care

Help at Home

How do you develop a website that doubles as a 24/7 advocate and a lead-driving machine for a home care provider brand?

Give the User Everything They Need at Their Fingertips

  1. Use smart design combined with high-quality, informative content and an exceptional user experience to generate well-qualified leads.
  2. Create custom web features for patients, families, and caregivers that create clarity and accountability.

Finding Care Centers Quickly and Easily

We simplified the map to help users connect with facilities and caregivers based on their location or needs for treatment services.

Due Diligence, First

Our partnership began a deep dive to fully understand what the goals and vision of the Help at Home brand that informed our work shaping the website to engage B2B and B2C audiences.

Make the Branding Memorable

We evolved the brand’s digital identity, creating guidelines for logos, imagery, and a brand book that communicates the Help at Home brand.

Custom features allowed us to ensure that B2B and B2C clients can connect with Help at Home in a meaningful way that provides all information needed at every step of the funnel.

Make Help Accessible to Everyone

We conducted an accessibility audit against industry standards, then created a website that fulfilled the missing steps to be more inclusive for clients, potential clients, and caregivers who may be impaired.

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