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(B2C) marketing

To stand out from the competition, businesses selling directly to customers need data-driven strategy and pitch-perfect branding. We can help you hit the target and grow your business.

Connect with your customer in new ways

Selling directly to customers (known as “business to consumer marketing” or “B2C marketing”) is a competitive game. But, when you get it right, the results can be spectacular – and immediate.

Whether you’re starting a business from scratch, expanding your products or services, or simply looking for ways to drive more business, it pays to partner with someone who understands how to:

You can find examples of how DBS has done all of that, and more, in our portfolio.

It all begins with knowing your customer

Our in-depth strategy for B2C marketing begins with creating consumer profiles called personas, which help you understand your customers and what motivates them. They also identify key tasks your audience wants to perform online and offline. This activity informs everything that follows, from photo selection to search engine optimization to the wording on a mobile app button, because you know exactly what the target audience would want.

Analytics drive informed decision-making

Throughout every step in the process, we rely on data and analysis to gain insights into your brand and consumers. This includes:

During the strategy phase, these activities help us obtain a real understanding of how consumers interact with your brand so we can get the best results for you. After launch, these activities ensure that we keep making data-driven decisions and staying accountable to results.

Design that is beautiful and functional

We understand that the look, feel, and voice of your brand is paramount. High-resolution photography, a bold and appealing style, and an authentic tone can effectively tell your brand story and bring it to life with your consumers, regardless of the tactics and technologies used.