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Regency – Skilled Nursing & Home Health

Streamlining Pathways for Patients and Partners

Regency Integrated Health Services, a Texas healthcare industry leader, came to DBS to create a website with a user experience that matched the care they provided at their over 60 skilled nursing facilities across Texas. It had to be modern, intuitive, and informative.

Three pages from Regency web site

The Challenges

60-plus locations offering different services

Multi-language requirement for large Hispanic/Latino American population

Messaging that supports their unique value proposition for various audiences

Regency website on laptop, desktop, and mobile in front of circular designs

Intention-Based Audience Research

The website had to resonate with unique audiences. We began with stakeholder interviews to understand their demographic and psychographic characteristics to produce personas and detailed user stories. The goal was to understand what each group needed and why focusing on their intentions informed design, development, and messaging.

Screenshot of Regency map page

  • Explicit navigation that reflected user intention
  • Implicit navigation with compelling calls to action
  • An intuitive design that guided visitors to answers
  • Precision keywords for focused results
Screenshot of Regency map page with results
  • Texas-sized Presence and Performance
  • Messaging
  • SEO Focus Delivers ROI and More
  • Location, Location, Location
  • All Users Welcome
  • A Site for Everyone

Texas-sized Presence and Performance

The company’s website worked against its efforts to establish an outsized Texas presence. We transformed Regency’s digital identity, updating its website and making it user-friendly. The new HIPAA-compliant website delivered more than a fresh new look. It incorporates all the best practices to perform better than over 90% of websites for similar companies. And that means a better user experience and improved performance in search results.


The headlines and copy on every page reflected the company’s spirit and pride in being a Texas company serving Texans. Each word was carefully chosen to support the brand promise.

SEO Focus Delivers ROI and More

Achieving Regency’s goals required a strategy to propel the company’s website in search results. That involved more than keywords and optimized page titles. The critical work involved designing user pathways and compelling content with technical SEO. The combination doubled traffic from the last year in only two months.

Location, Location, Location

Like home values, location matters for skilled nursing facilities. Along with knowing the services offered, patients and loved ones want to know the locations of buildings. We accomplished that with custom layouts and functionality for users to identify services and locations. They could easily find the closest of the 60-plus Regency locations.

All Users Welcome

Oversized buttons and click targets made browsing easier. Icons and words worked harmoniously to convey information quickly and concisely. Multiple navigation options anticipate user behavior. Those are among the characteristics built into the Regency website to meet accessibility requirements and users’ needs.

A Site for Everyone

We incorporated Google Translate into the new site to connect with the region’s Hispanic/Latino American population. This offered the functionality to easily add new content that would be available for all audiences. The smallest details matter.

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