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Case Study: Derby LLC

Winning the Logistics Race with the Speed of a Thoroughbred

At first, Derby LLC thought a new website would merely give them credibility—but we knew with strong branding and content, a new site could help fill Derby’s warehouses like never before.

Services Offered: SEO, Content Marketing, Website Design, Lead Generation, Infographics, Custom Integration

Results Snapshot

  • Organic growth every quarter for 4 years
  • 177.8% increase in leads generated through the website
  • Improved growth and efficiency of warehouses through automation tied to a precise, geo-targeted digital strategy


Elevate a supply chain solutions brand with a new website, combined with a highly-targeted search and content strategy that positions Derby as a leader in the logistics market.

Derby, LLC website on a laptop



Tactical Market Research

We needed to find and capitalize on opportunities for Derby to overtake their competitors.

Make the Brand Memorable

We had to go beyond blog articles and create visual content with substance and value that attracted clicks, shares, and inbound links.

Sharp Regional Focus

Derby’s inbound campaigns needed to focus on a geo-fenced area of the eastern U.S. to attract the right customers at precisely the right time.

Complex Integrations

We had to develop new digital services that supported Derby’s robust operational needs, then integrate them to work together using custom APIs.

Convey Industry Expertise

The new website and content had to establish Derby as a leading third party logistics provider (3PL).

Own Organic Search

To attract prospects to the website, new top-of-funnel content needed to organically rank on page one of search results for competitive industry keywords.

Derby LLC site on a laptop



We launched a multichannel digital arsenal, including a redesigned and search-optimized website, content marketing campaigns, and platform integrations that helped Derby manage a surge in growth and new business for warehouses spanning multiple locations and regions.

Website Redesign

We developed a new website from the ground up, with seamless UX and prominent callouts to guide prospects down the right user pathways.

Link Building

Creative and interesting content on the website helped generate hundreds of inbound links from external sites, fueling better search performance.

Go Beyond Blog Content

Brilliant, colorful infographics and content pieces full of interesting and highly shareable information gave the Derby brand more authority, trust, and recognition.

Custom Integrations

Complex database integrations made it possible for Derby to efficiently manage and distribute inventory across multiple warehouses.

Interactive UX

Responsive elements within the website animated for hovers or clicks, inspiring visitors to engage and generate more leads.


Proper site structure, keyword-focused content, and viral marketing campaigns moved Derby to the top of organic search results.



The new website did far more than build credibility—it put Derby’s value proposition front and center, and quickly became their primary source of new business leads.

UX Design

A mix of intuitive navigation and interactive elements made the site a more attractive and intuitive experience for users.

Operational Integrations

Platform integrations helped Derby optimize inventory across multiple warehouse locations, lowering costs and driving rapid growth.

Lead Generation

With focused user pathways that converted more prospective customers, the new site quickly became the most important tool for growing the company.


Captivating Content

Derby LLC infographic

Visual Guide to the Kentucky Derby

A beautiful and interactive Visual Guide to the Kentucky Derby created a brand trigger, associating a logistics company with an internationally known sporting event.

Logistics of the Holiday Season

A holiday-themed infographic highlighting interesting facts about logistics during the holiday season helped to position Derby as an expert in the logistics industry.

Eastern Tennessee Infographic

Sharing fun and interesting facts about the Eastern Tennessee region through appealing visuals helped connect the Derby brand with the communities and industries it served.

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