Digital analytics underpins
everything we do

The business value of analytics is immense – and one of the greatest advantages of digital marketing. Like no other marketing channel, digital offers the opportunity to monitor data, analyze findings, and act on insights to ensure that everything you do supports your business goals.

To help our clients monitor and adjust their marketing strategy proactively, we gather data from a variety of sources, including Google analytics, Google AdWords, keyword monitoring, social media monitoring, competitive data, A/B testing, surveys, usability testing, and other forms of research. Of course, data can be overwhelming. That’s why we assess your organization’s objectives up-front to determine the most valuable key performance indicators (KPIs) for you and then deliver regular reports that focus on just what you want to know.

Analytics aren’t a one-time investment. They are the underpinning for a sustainable long-term strategy. Many organizations collect initial post-launch data and then move on to the next project. Not DBS. We believe your digital investments should continue to evolve and produce results for years to come – and data should fuel every decision.

Monthly reports

Once a month, we have a call with our marketing clients to provide a marketing performance report that includes tracking of all critical key performance indicators. A marketing team member offers explanations for trends in the data and, when appropriate, offers suggestions for iterative improvements to the strategy.

Quarterly meetings

Every quarter, we sit at the table with our clients, in person or virtually, to take a deeper look at analytics and opportunities. In addition to reviewing KPIs, we talk about account planning, marketing forecasts, budget, and goals. These sessions often include creative marketing brainstorming about advertising, site updates, content, and integration with other marketing channels (online and offline), as well.

Services offered: