Big Ass Fans

Headquartered in Lexington, KY, Big Ass Fans, designs, engineers and manufactures overhead and directional fans for industrial, commercial and residential applications.


With a name like Big Ass Fans, customers come to your website expecting an entertaining experience. While their old website was informative and functional, it fell short in accurately communicating the bad ass-ery of their brand. After considering the options, Big Ass Fans reached out to DBS to design, develop and strategize a new website that better aligns with the company’s philosophy: if it’s not bolder and better, it’s not Big Ass.



  • Full-Window, Responsive Design
    To truly showcase the size and power of their fans, we utilized large photography that scales to the browser window.
  • Dynamically Optimized Images
    To help the website load quickly across all devices, images dynamically resize to the resolution that best fits the device.
  • Genius Not At Work
    Social media integration meets corporate shenanigans. Genius Not At Work combines Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest into an endless stream of awesomeness.
  • Customized WordPress CMS
    WordPress, an open-source content management system, was extensively modified to aid Big Ass Fans’ staff in the management of the website. 
  • Multi-Lingual Customization
    As an international company, Big Ass Fans has international needs. The website offers users the choice between English and Spanish, with plans for phase two to include other languages.
  • For Home
    The residential section of the website highlights Big Ass Fans’ beautiful photography with a custom WordPress template inspired by a masonry wall.


With a project this ambitious, we knew collaboration with Big Ass Fans was going to be crucial to its success. DBS began the redesign process with extensive conversations regarding the vision, aesthetics and goals of the new website. Following these initial discussions, we performed a comprehensive site audit that focused on an improved user experience.

Inspired by the heaps of high-resolution photography at their disposal, the design of the new website needed to be big and bold. Using the latest in HTML5 and JavaScript, the website was developed so that images load at the best resolution for the device – whether mobile, tablet, or desktop. This keeps the file size down and page load speeds fast.

All that being said, a beautiful website is worthless if it isn’t functional from an administrative standpoint. True to their name, Big Ass Fans required a “large backend” solution with a host of custom post types, plug-in customizations and CMS hacks to the stock WordPress install. The end result is something that we are proud to have in our portfolio.


As is often the case, high ambitions often lead to amazing results. Big Ass Fans’ new website was nothing short of challenging, but after months of hard work, the website launched in February 2014 to high praise.


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