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B2B Marketing That Delivers Results

Selling business-to-business can be more challenging than consumer marketing in lots of ways. Our team understands the nuances of B2B — and what it takes to generate qualified leads and measurable return-on-investment (ROI) with strategic digital marketing.

Maximize sales with strategic B2B digital marketing

In many ways, B2B marketing is more challenging than consumer marketing. The product is typically custom. The pricing is often complex. The buyer relies on facts more than emotions — especially when multiple stakeholders are involved.

All of these factors might make you worry that digital marketing isn’t a viable tactic for extending your consultative selling process to the digital world. But according to Gartner, B2B prospects are more than halfway through their research before they ever contact you.

Where are prospects doing that research? They’re visiting Google, your website, and your social media. You need to meet them and offer quality content in these spaces – otherwise, you risk missing out on these conversations and opportunities for growth.

Align your digital strategies with your business goals

At DBS, we understand the importance of ROI and hold ourselves accountable for your success. Whether it’s a new or redesigned website, a fresh content marketing strategy, technical search engine optimization, or a technical integration with software or digital platforms, our strategy starts with an understanding of your business goals. From there, we define key performance indicators (KPIs) that align with your goals. Then, after launch, we provide clear reporting on your KPIs.

Because B2B audiences are often highly specialized, we dig deep to understand your industry, your product, and your prospects. Through research and analytics, we deliver targeted strategies and relevant content that hits the mark.

Integrate your marketing efforts with technology

Once you’ve established your digital presence, integration can take you to the next level. From both a strategic and technical standpoint, we can help connect the dots between online and offline channels and customer behaviors.

For example, we can integrate your online forms with a customer database like Salesforce or a marketing automation system like Pardot. That gives you even more visibility about the entire customer journey, online and offline.