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Great Examples of Skilled Nursing Websites

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two columns of web pages showing skilled nursing design next to each other

These skilled nursing websites exemplify superior design practices aimed at delivering exceptional user experiences conveying brand messages and service information effectively.

Prioritizing clarity and simplicity, these websites ensure that visitors can navigate without feeling overwhelmed, whether they are individuals needing services or seeking employment.

Each example highlights one or two approaches to creating a user-centric design.

These sites use strategic messaging emphasizing the commitment to care, bolstering trust and credibility.


Sheridan Village
– Content

Screen grab of sheridan village skilled nursing website home pageThis nursing home’s website makes navigation, finding, and understanding services readily available. Visitors won’t get lost in a maze of information. Each service is explained thoroughly so family members, loved ones, or patients can understand the care offered. For many first-time visitors to a skilled nursing website, that is important.

Their style is modern, sleek, and anyone can see themselves within the facility. The contemporary aesthetic avoids the stereotypical “nursing home” look and feel.

The Sheridan Village site features an interactive tool for sending an e-greeting card to patients to foster ongoing connections.

CMS: WordPress


Elmbrook Home of Hugo
– Messaging

Screen grab of elmbrook of hugo skilled nursing website home page


Elmbrook’s website consistently conveys its commitment to patients, evident in its messaging themes centered on “We Care.” The site offers validation by showcasing the four-star overall rating from the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services. Beyond messaging, the website uses a pleasant color palette in shades of green. Images incorporate these shades of complimentary shades.

The colors and simple design focus users on their primary goal of finding information bolstered with the messaging about the quality of care.

CMS: WordPress



City Creek
– Clean Design, White Space

Screen grab of city creek skilled nursing website home page


When designing its website, City Creek didn’t underestimate the power of white space. It’s like a breath of fresh air amidst the chaos of healthcare information that gets technical and overwhelming. By giving elements room to breathe, the site creates a sense of calmness and clarity for visitors. Smartly, the website’s color palette maintains brand consistency by matching the facility’s interior design’s color scheme.

White space helps to enhance readability by reducing visual clutter. Visitors can quickly identify and focus on the content that matters.

With less distraction, comprehension improves as visitors can digest information more effectively. Moreover, white space conveys elegance and sophistication.

CMS: WordPress



University Care Center
– Social proof, User-experience

Screen grab of university care center skilled nursing website home page

University Care Center understands that a great review can influence a new visitor. Justly proud of their five-star overall Medicare ratings Medicare, the home page has many positive customer reviews from various online sources to support their government rating. Highlighting the reviews prominently at the top of the home page in a gallery device helps frame the user journey.

Inviting imagery and large content sections with easy-to-read information in only a few well-placed sections makes the user journey intuitive and easy to navigate entry.

Like the Sheridan Village website, the University Care Center prominently displays a section for greeting patients.

CMS: WordPress



Regency Integrated Health Services
– Functionality, Pathways

Screen grab of regency integrated health services skilled nursing website home page

Regency Integrated Health Services guides users to their facilities throughout Texas, from the simple primary navigation to the focused sections on the homepage. With over 60 facilities, the site has to help users quickly narrow options for finding skilled nursing care.

Screen grab of regency integrated health services skilled nursing interactive mapThe home page guides users to what’s likely most important: services, locations, and the mission. The site also seeks to attract job applications.

Users can control a map with interactive pins that display brief information about a facility and link details about the locations. A search tool allows users to search by city, state, or ZIP code and control their search radius. Each location page features information and photos unique to that facility.

CMS: WordPress



French Park Care Center
– User-Centric Navigation

Screen grab of french park skilled nursing website home page

The website uses the secondary navigation at the top of the page to highlight their five-star government rating and free CNA school to help in employee recruitment. Each of these links targets different and equally essential audiences.

A prominent controller at the top right of all pages allows users to adjust the type size on the pages. This offers users with reduced vision an option for a better experience. The button remains stationary as users scroll, making it always available.

The site offers links to downloadable brochures in multiple languages to meet the needs of the diverse community. Users can find these links prominently displayed on all pages after the home page.

The Careers section prominently displays several innovative employee benefits to encourage applications while presenting the corporate culture/emphasis on employees.

CMS: WordPress



Trellis Centennial
– Media usage

Screen grab of regency integrated health services skilled nursing website home page with video component

The website focuses on showing potential patients what the facility offers. The site relies on photo galleries and standard and 360-degree videos for users to see for themselves. Trellis Centennial invites site visitors to join them on a virtual tour that does just that.

After clicking on the prominent calls-to-action on the homepage, site visitors are taken to a gallery of high-resolution photos that showcase the facility and staff.

Below this Gallery is a Video tour filled with more shots of the complex and testimonials from staff and patrons of the center. Mixing high-quality videos with first-hand experiences maximizes users’ time on their site.

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Craft a Compassionate Online Presence

Beyond clinical descriptions of services, these websites reflect the commitment to quality care. They showcase the brand’s mission through easy-to-use design, engaging visuals, and a focus on user needs. The overall designs make a statement that extends beyond basic functionality, reflecting compassion and expertise while reshaping the online experience with empathy at the forefront.

At DBS, we have over 20 years of experience designing and developing healthcare websites that attract patients and job applicants through optimized organic search that outperforms competitors. Take a look at our award-winning work for healthcare clients.

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