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Methods Machine Tools, Inc

Engineering Superior Web Performance for an International Precision Manufacturing Leader

Services Offered: Web Strategy, Web Development, Web Design, Brand Messaging, Technical SEO, Content Audit, Technical Writing

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As world-renowned experts in advanced precision manufacturing, engineering, and automation, Methods Machine Tools needed a redesigned website that elevated the brand and outperformed the competition. The challenge was to redesign and redevelop the website to convey the brand’s sophistication, expertise, focus on customer service, scale of operations, and complexity of service offerings in an approachable, intuitive, and user-friendly design.

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Information Architecture

The site needed to be reorganized and restructured to provide intuitive user pathways and straightforward navigation for visitors while also improving SEO.

Appealing to Personas

The variety of manufacturers served by our client meant the site had to demonstrate their versatility and experience working with multiple machine types in diverse industries.

Deeper Keyword Strategy

To improve search performance, we needed to go beyond traditional on-page keywords and rethink keyword usage within the code, such as Page Titles and Heading tags.

Pagespeed Optimization

Every page of the site needed to load super fast on any device to ensure and preserve an ideal user experience even when page content included large media files.

Rethink Content Strategy

We needed to evaluate existing content on the site to identify opportunities to develop new pages, blogs, and other content for building topical authority and SEO.



Back by an extensive strategic plan and research DBS launched an all new high-performance Methods Machine Tools website and brand refresh.

Methods Machine Product Page

Technical SEO & Schema

We implemented structured data in the form of schema markup throughout the site to elevate pages in organic search results for targeted keywords.

Images showing the optimization of the Methods Machine URL structure.

Optimized URL Structure

URLs were optimized and reorganized to establish hierarchy and improve navigation, helping users browse efficiently and helping search engines crawl and index the site for higher search rankings.

Methods Machine brand book

Modernized Designs & Refreshed Voice

The new site's timeless redesign incorporated clean lines, intuitive spaces, and visually pleasing imagery without compromising speed and performance. A new brand & messaging guide outlined these updated design concepts to support the client's future marketing and branding needs.

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