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What is Digital Compliance?

To compete and operate at scale, your organization’s websites, apps, and other digital tools must comply with industry-specific regulations.

Based on your industry and digital strategy, we develop and implement the necessary components for your solution to adhere to comprehensive and complex requirements. This helps your business achieve important goals that depend on compliant digital technology.

Compliance Goals and Objectives

  • Avoid legal exposure
  • Brand security and reputation
  • Customer privacy
  • Meet industry standards
  • Improved customer experience
  • Elevate SEO performance

Graphic highlighting the multiple types of compliance circled around a computer.

Common Areas of Compliance

DBS has experience developing technology for business that complies with stringent standards and guidelines to achieve heightened levels of privacy, security, and accessibility:

  • Accessibility (Canada, EU, US, WCAG, etc)
  • General Privacy – GDPR, CCPA
  • Payment – Reliable Payment Gateway
  • Marketing – Can-Spam
  • Other Regulatory – Beverage, Pharma
  • COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule)

Supporting Multiple Industries

Achieving digital compliance requires technical expertise based on your industry and market needs. DBS applies knowledge gained from extensive experience helping clients in many different verticals build technology that adheres to applicable laws and industry regulations.

Industries We Serve

Illustration depicting Healthcare



Illustration depicting Financial



Illustration depicting Spirits & Adult Beverages

Spirits & Adult Beverages

Spirits & Adult Beverages

Illustration depicting Non Profits

Non Profits

Non Profits

Illustration depicting Ecommerce



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Compliance Development Services

Digital compliance from DBS ensures that custom development work performed for your organization complies with guidelines and best practices.

Web accessibility icon

Website Accessibility

We can bring one or multiple websites for your organization into compliance with accessibility laws and regulations in the countries and markets where you operate. We offer audits, remediation, and training/consulting services to help your site(s) meet national and international requirements.

Did you know? Beyond legal compliance, accessibility is also a ranking factor in Google’s algorithm for organic search.

Cyber security icon

Cyber Security

Websites require security at every level, implemented according to best practices. DBS builds and maintains secure web tools for our clients, identifying new risks and closing vulnerabilities before they can be exploited. Secure website architecture and coding support a compliant digital ecosystem, including:

  • Encrypted Websites (HTTPS)
  • SSL certificates
  • Web Platforms
  • Hosting
Encrypted form submissions

Encrypted Form Submissions

We build data-transfer systems that are secured with end-to-end encryption. Spam prevention ensures all form submissions are real and valid, while also minimizing vulnerability to hacking attempts.

Data privacy icon

Data Privacy

We ensure that users will not be tracked without consent, nor will their tracking data be misused. Cookie management and permissions are enabled and customized according to international laws.

Third party integrations icon

Compliant Third-Party Integrations

A true compliance policy will ensure integrations for third-party software, including email marketing platforms, Content Management Systems (CMS), payment portals, and more are resilient against common vulnerabilities.

Privacy policy icon

Privacy Policies

We ensure your Privacy Policy reflects the latest GDPR requirements, and help your team send out or post any Update Notices about changes to your Privacy Policy.

Going From Burden to Benefit

DBS carries the burden of digital compliance for you, ensuring your websites and apps meet the necessary requirements and regulations while also delivering their high-value benefits to your business. Schedule a free consultation with us today to get started.

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