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Mighty Small Homes Modern Kit
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Case Study: Mighty Small Homes

Mighty Strong Growth Through Design and SEO

Mighty Small Homes, a leading manufacturer of prefabricated home kits, needed a new website and content strategy that drove demand for its products, generated more leads, and elevated its organic search rankings.

Results Snapshot

  • Over 100+ new Top-10 keywords within 3 Months
  • 3x increase in website leads generated by inbound search traffic
  • 72% increase in visitors from search (without any paid search marketing)


As a young company in the competitive small home manufacturing industry, Mighty Small Homes needed a website and content strategy that would create market demand, build brand awareness, and accelerate business growth for consistent marketing ROI.

Mighty Small Homes website on a laptop



Lightning Fast Pages

Website pages needed to be designed and developed for faster loading and responsiveness to user interactions and navigation.

Technical Search Optimization

Structured data needed to be deployed throughout the site in the form of schema markup that would help it rank #1 for competitive keywords.

Visually Appealing Designs

To improve search ranking signals by keeping visitors engaged, web designs needed to be intuitive, informative, and aesthetically pleasing, all while staying true to the brand.

Clustered Content

Content on the website would need to be strategically organized and structured to build the brand’s credibility and authority around industry topics.

Integrated Marketing

A multichannel marketing strategy would drive more traffic to the site organically and strengthen its SEO through PR campaigns, cross-posting, and link building.

Intuitive Architecture

The site’s URLs, page structure, and navigation needed to be optimized so users can quickly and easily find the content and pages they need.



Mighty small homes quote builder.

Custom Quote Tool

We designed an interactive shopping tool that allowed site visitors to choose any house kit model and customize upgrades and options to see different layouts, features, and pricing. It immediately became the website’s most effective lead generator, while also enabling more meaningful email segmentation by tagging subscribers based on their selections.

Search results for house kits show Mighty Small Homes ranking highly.

Schema Markup for Products

Many of the keywords we were targeting were highly competitive, so we built complex structured data called Schema markup for each page of the site that featured a Mighty Small Home product (house kit). As a result, we were on the first page of over 100 high-volume target keywords within 3 months of launching the new site.

Examples of Mighty Small Homes social media posts.

Social Media Integration

We deepened the integration of social media channels to drive site traffic organically through posts that were keyword-optimized and linked with landing pages built to generate leads. By bringing more engaged and qualified traffic on-site, we elevated the client’s overall SEO and rankings.

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