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Methods Machine Tools

Methods machine logo with a yellow robot arm

Time Tested. Industry Trusted.

In the precision manufacturing industry, Methods Machine Tools stands out as a premier global brand, with 40,000 machines installed in facilities spanning several countries.

So we matched their web presence to their industrial might.


High Performance Matters

Methods delivered value for customers through complex automated machining solutions that created efficiencies and new opportunities for manufacturers.

At DBS, we made that same commitment to making their new website run lean and fast. And we delivered.

Don’t take our word for it–check the site’s high Google PageSpeed scores, critical SEO factors that include Core Web Vitals:

Methods page speed results

Crafting a New User Experience

Without the proper planning and engineering, Methods’ solutions wouldn’t succeed. The website needed the same thoughtful approach to navigation and information architecture.

So we mapped customer personas against the site’s user pathways, using our research and testing to optimize menus and page design elements so that visitors were never more than one or two clicks from achieving their goal.

Capturing Target Audiences at “Hello”

The homepage needed to convey the modern engineering spirit of the Methods brand and effectively draw visitors further down the page and into the website to learn more and explore their business offerings.

So our web design team focused on a visual approach that would accentuate the precision and quality of the machinery in Methods’ product lines, set against striking angles and colors that echoed the the strength of the Methods brand.

Screenshot of the methods machine tools site

The homepage redesign brought the machinery forward against a modernized background.

Using Movement to Create a Feeling

Beyond just a visual treatment, our web designers and developers wanted the site to feel more modern too. When users interacted with the pages, we wanted them to see design elements respond in a tasteful and intuitive way.

That’s why visitors scrolling further down the homepage will notice the design subtly taking shape in certain sections as the user scrolls, creating a more interactive feel that keeps homepage visitors more engaged.

the Precision Lab and Locations section of the Methods website homepage redesign project

Past the top fold, subtle movement of the background design draws your eye to the innovative Precision Lab.

Search Optimization

After 60+ years of delivering results for manufacturers, Methods has earned significant brand equity and awareness. But the machining industry moves fast, and untapped audiences of prospective new customers were still out there looking for solutions.

That’s why we implemented code-level SEO that helped their site surge in Google search rankings and draw in more traffic organically.

Google results for robocut machining tools

Revitalized Branding

Getting new customers to the Methods website was only Step 1. Once prospects arrived, the brand had to feel vibrant and energetic.

Designs needed to captivate visitors. Messaging needed to tell a compelling brand story that distilled the complexity of what Methods’ team can achieve for customers through its engineering services.

Our experts created new design guidelines, as well as guides for messaging, voice, and tone, helping Methods unify the brand and maintain consistency across marketing channels.

Methods Machine Brand Book

A large wind turbine fan

Methods Machine brand guidelines example