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Case Study: Big Ass Fans

A Big Ass Brand Gets Bigger, Faster, and Smarter On a Global Scale

With international demand for its products surging, Big Ass Fans quickly needed a new digital foundation that could support sales and fulfillment on multiple continents.

Services Offered: Multilingual, Multi-National, Custom Integrations, Website Design, UI & UX Design, Email Marketing

Results Snapshot

  • 177.8% increase in leads generated through the website
  • 52% increase in time spent on site
  • 21.1% increase in total page views
  • Custom API Integrations saved $1000 per erroneous product order


Generate more high-quality website leads for a provider of innovative industrial, commercial, and residential fans. Capitalize on massive product growth and demand across international markets. Develop custom integrations that made fulfillment more efficient and less costly.



Embody the Brand

Every component and aspect of our project had to align with the client’s larger-than-life philosophy: If it’s not bolder and better, it’s not Big Ass.

Beautiful Visuals

The site’s riveting visual imagery and designs had to be big and prominent, yet pages also needed to load lightning-fast in multiple countries on any device.

Minimize Costly Inefficiencies

We knew custom integrations would be key to optimizing the complex operations of a global supplier of industrial, commercial, and residential products.

Multinational Focus

To capitalize on momentum with international audiences, offering multilingual translations would be key.

Handle Surging Demand

The existing website already struggled to perform under the weight of heavy international web traffic, so we knew load balancing would be critical.

Trusted Partnership

Big Ass Fans needed more than a vendor—they needed to augment their internal development and marketing team in a time of massive growth and expansion.



We went Big with the new website, powering it to handle high traffic and quickly load gorgeous full-screen imagery, along with integrations that saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in operations and fulfillment costs annually, and multilingual capabilities for explosive international sales growth.

Web Design

Bold designs showcased high-quality product imagery to convey the scale and intricacy of Big Ass products, with intuitive site navigation that helped visitors explore and connect with the brand.

Multilingual Functionality

We built the site to translate into multiple languages for multinational audiences, supporting the company’s massive international growth.

A screenshot from the website of Big Ass Fans

Custom Integrations

Integrations supported both front-end and back-end users, including CRM integration and forms that dynamically adjusted to match a site visitor’s browsing location.

Automated Optimization

An operating system level integration automatically compressed image files uploaded to the CMS, ensuring the site remained high-performance.

Screenshot of the Case Studies page of the Big Ass Fans website


By making the site faster with a more focused user experience, we elevated its organic search rankings for highly competitive keywords in multiple markets and languages.


The Website

Platform Integrations

Custom integrations helped the site enhance the power of multiple marketing platforms, including Salesforce, Pardot, and social media.

Content Delivery Network

Developing the site on a CDN ensured blazing fast page loading speeds were consistent for users across six continents.


Custom Integrations

Custom APIs

By integrating the site with a global API that could verify street addresses instantly, we eliminated a $1000 loss on each mistyped address submitted by customers.


Our Pardot integrations helped Big Ass Fans execute several email marketing campaigns per day and improve their lead nurturing power on a global scale.

Social Media

Weaving social media accounts into the site’s user experience amplified the power and reach of the brand’s most shareable and engaging content.

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