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Schneider Electric Infographic background image of hikers walking toward a mountain.
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Case Study: Schneider Electric – Interactive Content

Driving Corporate Partnerships Through Interactive Marketing

Schneider Electric needed a unique digital experience that engaged enterprises and made a convincing business case for partnering with them to achieve corporate sustainability goals.

Services Offered: Web Accessibility, Multi-National Website, Product Launches, Integrated Marketing, Web Design & Development, Organic SEO, Technical SEO

Results Snapshot

  • Increased lead generation for corporate sustainability partnerships
  • Improved stakeholder engagement and brand awareness
  • Elevated Schneider’s commitment to global sustainability


Use digital storytelling to emphasize the ROI of working with Schneider Electric as a corporate sustainability partner. Make the experience easily shareable so that Schneider’s corporate audience could bring this content to their C-suites and use it to support the business case for sustainability.

The Schneider Electric infographic on a laptop computer.



Dynamic Storytelling

Create a digital experience that leads visitors through a compelling story about the business value of pursuing corporate sustainability goals.

Non-Linear Journeys

Offer unique pathways in our interactive content to create more personalized and relevant content experiences.

Include Insights & Data

Place snippets of data from Schneider’s Annual Report throughout the interactive experience to support messaging with verifiable information.



An Interactive Guide to Corporate Sustainability

We designed, animated, and developed a digital experience that mixed “choose-your-own-adventure” storytelling with industry data on sustainability and energy. Users’ non-linear paths all concluded in a call-to-action that generated leads by positioning the brand as helpful enterprise experts ready to work towards sustainability goals with environmentally-conscious corporate partners.

Infographic hikers at a navigation sign

Responsive Animation

We made Scheider’s storytelling experience more engaging than a static slideshow by programming animated graphical elements, which respond as users click and navigate through their journey.

Maps and Logs screen view

Engaging Infographics

Complex data on sustainability was distilled into easily digestible and visually appealing charts and graphs, which were animated to draw the user’s attention to the most valuable and important information.

The final screen of the infographic depicting a hiker at the summit.

Lead Generation

No matter which path users took through the adventure, the final call to action compelled them to submit contact information to Schneider in order to begin exploring a corporate sustainability partnership.

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