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WordPress V3.xTemplate Tag Reference Guide as of Version 3.x

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Post Tags

Body Classbody_class();

Get Archives Linkget_archives_link();

Get Delete Post Linkget_delete_post_link();

Get Edit Post Linkget_edit_post_link();

Next Image Linknext_image_link();

Next Post Linknext_post_link();

Next Posts Linknext_posts_link();

Post Classpost_class();

Post Password Requiredpost_password_required();

Post Type Archive Titlepost_type_archive_title();

Posts Nav Linkposts_nav_link();

Previous Image Linkprevious_image_link();

Previous Post Linkprevious_post_link();

Previous Posts Linkprevious_posts_link();

Single Post Titlesingle_post_title();

Sticky Classsticky_class();

The Categorythe_category();

The Category RSSthe_category_rss();

The Contentthe_content();

The Content RSSthe_content_rss();

The Excerptthe_excerpt();

The Excerpt RSSthe_excerpt_rss();

The IDthe_ID();

The Metathe_meta();

The Shortlinkthe_shortlink();

The Tagsthe_tags();

The Titlethe_title();

The Title Attributethe_title_attribute();

The Title RSSthe_title_rss();

WP Link Pageswp_link_pages();