Case Study Zeon Chemicals

Positioning a Chemicals Company as an Innovative Global Leader

To elevate their B2B brand across multiple world markets, Zeon Chemicals needed a high-performance website that matched the performance of their synthetic rubber materials.

  • Website Design
  • Custom Integrations
  • Website Development
  • SEO
  • Multi-National
  • Technical Writing

Results Snapshot

  • Leads increased by 40%
  • Organic Search increased new users by 22% within the important Asian market
  • Top 3 organic Google result for 30 targeted keywords
  • Downloads of product guides increased by 25% in Asia

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Zeon chemicals home page

The Challenge

Get a website on the first page of search results in multiple countries, including emerging markets in Asia. Present highly technical information about industrial chemical products in an appealing way for both engineers and purchasing managers that gave the brand more essence.

Zeon imagery

The Strategy

Multi-National Optimization – To engage a global audience, the site had to deliver a fast and intuitive experience to users in multiple countries with varying connection speeds and devices.

Data-Driven Improvement – Continuous A/B testing would help Zeon learn what resonated with prospects so they could adjust content to generate more leads.

Managing Made Easy – We needed to make it easier for Zeon to update technical data sheets and product charts featured across the website.

Compelling Imagery – The website needed appealing visuals that enticed visitors to learn more about products and submit their contact info.

Detailed Product Insights – We had to present complex technical information in a coherent and digestible way to make product performance stand out for both engineers and purchasing managers.

Organic SEO – To draw international prospects seeking niche chemical products, Zeon’s site needed a robust keyword strategy to elevate its search rankings.

Zeon locations page
Zeon locations page
Zeon locations page
Zeon locations page
Zeon locations page
Zeon locations page

The Solution

We combined striking visuals and data-driven design with intuitive navigation in a new site that helpedZeon Chemicals become a first-choice provider of synthetic elastomers across the world.

UX Design – Optimized for mobile, the new site offered users a superior experience that improved lead generation and bounce rates.

Superior Hosting – Using a Content Delivery Network (CDN) ensured Zeon’s new site would perform for customers across the world.

UI Design – We made it easy for users to access the technical product information they needed, including content downloads, contact buttons, and product applications designed to be more prominent.

Custom Integrations – We made it simple for Zeon’s team to quickly update product data sitewide by dynamically linking all product data on the site through the CMS.

Dynamic Content – Logic built into the site through Google Optimize continually tested different callouts, helping Zeon see which calls-to-action drove conversions.

Custom Analytics – Custom tags in Google Analytics tracked form completions, page scroll tracking, file downloads of technical data sheets, and mobile calls to the site.

Zeon product page

The Website

We proved that a website featuring technical data about raw materials used in rubber, hoses, and rollers for laser printers could be presented in a gorgeous, coherent design that outperformed competitors.

Zeon chemicals home page

Decoupled – By moving to a headless CMS, we added security and enhanced page performance across the site.

Technical Writing – We incorporated keyword strategy into technical copywriting about highly complex chemical products and applications.

Brand Consolidation – We combined six previous websites to unify Zeon’s brand and products on a new site that loaded faster and cost less to maintain.

Interactive Map – To serve a multinational audience and customer base, we made a responsive global map of Zeon locations throughout the world.

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