Located somewhere between hills of bluegrass there lies a quaint metropolis with big city aspirations and a penchant for southern hospitality. We call this city, Louisville, KY. We call this city, home.

Home to horse racing, baseball bats, and fine bourbon, the city of Louisville excels at a great many things, but we still manage to fly under the nation's radar. As proud Louisvillians, we are tired of seeing Louisville go unrecognized.
If you weren't already in the know, here are some of the reasons why Louisville is awesome.


Louisville has a growing reputation as a festival hotspot. With new festivals popping up every year, enthusiasts of music, art and family-fun migrate to Louisville to get a taste of our southern hospitality.

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Why Louisville is Awesome

The infographic that started it all. Created by Louisville fanatics for Louisville fanatics. Explore the reasons we believe that Louisville is the best city in the country.

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If I could think of a way to do it right now, I'd head back to Louisville, sit on the porch drinking beer, drive around Cherokee Park for a few nights, and try to sink back as far as I could into the world that did its best to make me. It's not hard to get tired of interminable palms and poinciana, and I could do at the moment with a single elm tree on a midnight night street in the Highlands.

Hunter S. Thompson

The Year of the Cardinal

2013 is a year no Cardinal fan ever wants to forget. To ensure you never do, look back at the amazing achievements of 2013’s UofL athletes.

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The Year of the

A look back at 2012-13 UofL Athletics

Thomas Edison lived in Louisville from 1866-1877. Thirteen years after leaving Louisville, the southern exposition fair located where the present day old louisville neighborhood exists, was the first large space to be lit by one of edison's greatest inventions, the incandescent light bulb.

After the success of the first “Why Louisville is Awesome,” we received a flood of contributions from the community about why they love Louisville. To help convince the unconvinced, these are the reasons “Why Louisville is Still Awesome”.
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The Visual Guide to the Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby is the most recognized and greatest horse race in the United States. If you never get the chance to experience it yourself, we hope this visual guide to the Kentucky Derby is a proper substitute.

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"Kentucky's Churchill Downs' year-round night horse races and music festivals make it a fantastic spot for the crew, bur for slower pace, guys can take a two-day ride along the Kenucky Bourbon Trail to sample at historic bourbon distilleries"